Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Should the new Library include a humanities lab?

We Need Humanities Labs

Short but good think piece from Inside Higher Ed. A dedicated space for grad students and faculty in the new library could be a great addition?

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Share and Play Tag on the New Web Playground

Review article from PC Magazine.

"Somewhere between Web and desktop search engines lies a new breed of "community" search engines—sites where users share among themselves the bookmarks they've created and content they've encountered. Such sites can cut through the clutter that a typical Google search might return by adding the human element. After all, communities of knowledgeable, interested people can identify relevant sites with greater accuracy than a search engine. Plus, you can leverage the work already done by others and build on that base rather than repeat it."

Looks like Yahoo's product I'm off to compare it to FURL, my current fave.

--original link from SearchEngine Watch

Monday, October 17, 2005

New Product Announcement--> Freedonia focus industry market research portal

Freedonia focus industry market research portal

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was the long awaited "marxist" market research tool....but no, its actually over 250 reports covering 18 industry sectors. Sigh.

JSTOR Updates

Artibus Asiae
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 59, no. 1/2 (1925-1999)

Artibus Asiae. Supplementum New Content:
Vols. 1 – 39 (1937-1993)
NOTE: No issues published 1994-1995. Vol. 40 published in 1996.

British Educational Research Journal
New Content: Vols. 4 – 27 (1978-2001)

The Bryologist
Vols. 1 – 104 (1898-2001)

European Journal of Education
Vols. 1 – 29 (1965-1994)

German Studies Review
Vols. 1 – 22 (1978-1999)

Learning Disability Quarterly
Vols. 1 – 25 (1978-2002)

Leonardo Music Journal
Vols. 1 – 9 (1991-1999)

Metropolitan Museum Journal
Vols. 1 – 35 (1968-2000)

Peabody Journal of Education
Vols. 1 – 72 (1923-1997)

New Product Announcement--PAIS Archive

New Product Announcement--PAIS Archive

The archive adds content from 1915 to 1976 and provides historical perspective on many of the 20th century's public and social policies. Includes over one million references to monographs, periodical articles, notes and announcements, and statements.

Update on Hein Content

Take a look at the legal classics further down--its not just for law!!

New Journals Just Added to HeinOnline's Law Journal Library:

International Financial Law Review

International Tax Review
Vols. 1-14 (1989-2003)

Managing Intellectual Property

New Additions to HeinOnline's Legal Classics Library:

Administrative Justice and the Supremacy of Law in the U.S.
John Dickinson (1927)

American Conveyancer
George T. Curtis (1847)

American Precedents of Declarations, Collected Chiefly from Manuscripts of Chief Justice Parsons and Other Accomplished Pleaders in Massachusetts, Digested and Arranged Under Distinct Titles and Divisions with a Prefixed
Digest of Rules and Cases Concerning Declarations
John Anthon (1848)

American Slave Code in Theory and Practice; Its Distinctive Features Shown by Its Statutes, Judicial Decisions, and Illustrative Facts
William Goodell (1853)

Bankruptcy in United States History
Charles Warren (1935)

Bench and Bar of Other Lands
William L. Burdick (1939)

Burge's Commentaries on Colonial and Foreign Laws
William Burge (1907-1914)

Business - A Profession
Louis D. Brandies (1933)

Chapters on Current International Law and the League of Nations
John Fischer Williams (1929)

Charles Dickens as a Legal Historian
William S. Holdsworth (1929)

Civil Code of the German Empire (1909) Code Napoleon Verbally Translated from the French
Bryant Barrett (1811)

Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence, as Administered in England and America
Joseph Story (1886)

Commentaries on Equity Pleadings, and the Incidents Thereof, According to the Practice of the Courts of Equity of England and America
Joseph Story (1848)

Commentaries on the Law of Bailments
Joseph Story (1870)

Commentaries on the Law of Statutory Crimes
Joel Prentiss Bishop (1883)

Commentary on the Law of Prize and Booty
Hugo Grotius (1950)

Constitutional History of England in Its Origin and Development
William Stubbs (1880-1884)

Course of Legal Study; Respectfully Addressed to the Students of Law in the United States
David Hoffman (1846)

De Foro Legatorum Liber Singularis. A Monograph on the Jurisdiction over Ambassadors in Both Civil and Criminal Cases
Cornelius van Bynkershoek (1946)

De Jure et Officiis Bellicis et Disciplina Militari Libri III
Balthazar Ayala (1912)

De Jure Praedae Commentarius
Hugo Grotius (1950)

Dissertation on the Freedom of Navigation and Maritime Commerce, and Such Rights of States, Relative Thereto, as Are Founded on the Law of Nations: Adapted More Particularly to the United States; and Interspersed with Moral
and Political Reflections, and Historical Facts
William Barton (1802)

Drafting of the Covenant
David Hunter Miller (1928)

English Constitutional History
Thomas Pitt Taswell-Langmead (1905)

Final Report of the Attorney General's Committee on Administrative Procedure

Forms in Chancery, Admiralty, and at Common Law; Adapted to the Practice of the Federal and State Courts

Foundations of Legal Liability-A Presentation of the Theory and Development of the Common Law
Thomas Atkins Street (1906)

General Survey of Events, Sources, Persons and Movements in Continental Legal History

Growth of American Administrative Law
Ernest Freund, et al. (1923)

Henrici de Bracton de Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae

History of Continental Civil Procedure
Arthur Engelmann (1927)

History of Continental Criminal Law
Carl Ludwig von Bar (1916)

History of Continental Criminal Procedure with Special Reference to France
A. Esmein (1913)

History of French Private Law
Jean Brissaud (1912)

History of French Public Law
Jean Brissaud (1915)

History of Germanic Private Law
Rudolf Huebner (1918)

History of Italian Law
Carlo Calisse (1928)

History of the Criminal Law of England
James Fitzjames Stephen (1883)

International Law Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied by the United States
Cheney Charles Hyde (1922)

Intervention in International Law
Ellery C. Stowell (1921)

Law and Morals
Roscoe Pound (1924)

Law of Nations Considered as Independent Political Communities-On the Rights and Duties of Nations in Time of Peace
Travers Twiss (1884)

Law of Quasi Contracts
Frederic Campbell Woodward (1913)

Legal Rights, Liabilities and Duties of Women
Edward D. Mansfield (1845)

Legislative and Documentary History of the Bank of the United States: Including the Original Bank of North America
M. St. Clair Clarke & D.A. Hall (1832)

Mental Disorder and the Criminal Law - A Study in Medico-Sociological Jurisprudence
Sheldon S. Glueck (1927)

Mr. Justice Miller and the Supreme Court 1862-1890
Charles Fairman (1939)

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Vols. 1-8, Supp. A, Supp B., Opinions and Judgment (1946-1948)

Prize Law during the World War - A Study of the Jurisprudence of the Prize Courts
James Wilford Garner (1927)

Problems of the Roman Criminal Law
James Leigh Strachan-Davidson (1912)

Progress of Continental Law in the Nineteenth Century

Report of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Opinions of the Judges Thereof, in the Case of Dred Scott versus John F. A. Sandford
Benjamin C. Howard (1857)

Restraints on the Alienation of Property
John Chipman Gray (1895)

Rules of Proceeding and Debate in Deliberative Assemblies
Luther S. Cushing (1914)

Science of International Law
Thomas Alfred Walker (1893)

Seidman's Legislative History of Federal Income Tax Laws 1938-1861
J.S. Seidman (1938)

Selection of Pleadings in Civil Actions, with Occasional Annotations
Joseph Story (1829)

Selections from Three Works of Francisco Suarez

Studies in Comparative Jurisprudence and the Conflict of Laws
George Merrill (1886)

Study of Mutual Funds

Three Books On the Law of War and on the Duties Connected with War and on Military Discipline
Balthazar Ayala (1912)

Tractatus De Bello, De Represaliis et de Duello
Giovanni da Legnano (1917)

Treaties and Conventions Concluded between the United States of America and other Powers
(1873, 1889)

Treatise on the Criminal Law of the United States
Francis Wharton (1857)

Treatise on the Law of Agency
Floyd R. Mechem (1914)

Treatise on the Law of Fire and Life Insurance
Joseph K. Angell (1855)

Treatise on the Law of Real Property
Alfred G. Reeves (1909)

Treatise on the Specific Performance of Contracts
John Norton Pomeroy (1926)

Works of the Honourable James Wilson
James Wilson (1804)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Comparison of Web of Science, Google Scholar, and Scopus

An Examination of Citation Counts in a New Scholarly Communication Environment

Article from D-Lib magazine comparing journal citations trapped by the three different interfaces. Want to have fun? Take an afternoon and do your own study!

-from scholarly electronic publishing weblog

Friday, October 07, 2005

New Product Announcement-->Lexi Comp

Lexi Comp Online

A comprehensive guide to drugs, including drug interactions, natural products and, most importantly, dangerous abbreviations that can lead to catastrophic consequences when your doctor's handwriting is really bad!

Note that we also have access to Lexi Comp @ Hand, which is the PDA version of this database. This is only available to med students and Michelle Sinotte is the key contact on this.

New Interface--->Petroleum Abstracts

Petroleum Abstracts

This represents quite a change in presentation from the old Dialog Access. Hope everyone enjoys the opportunity to do lots of cross database searching with the health sources on OVID.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

New JSTOR Titles

Dear JSTOR Participant,

We are pleased to announce that fifteen new titles have been added to the JSTOR archive. Institutions that participate in collections with new titles will be able to access the new content immediately.

Association for Jewish Studies Review
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 24 (1976-1999)

Applied Vegetation Science
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 2 (1998–1999)

Artibus et Historiae
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 22 (1980-2001)

Canadian Journal of Political Science / Revue canadienne de science politique
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 32 (1968-1999)

Dance Research Journal New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 31 (1969-1999)
Moving Wall: 5 years

Design Issues
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 15 (1984-1999)

The Harvard Theological Review
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 92 (1908-1999)

The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 23 (1986-1998)

The Journal of the Learning Sciences
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 8 (1991-1999)

La Ricerca Folklorica
New Content: Nos. 1 – 44 (1980-2001)

New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 8 (1947-1954); Vol. 1 – Vol. 47 (1955-2001)

PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 21 (1976-1999)

Studies in Conservation
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 44 (1952-1999)

Theory into Practice
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 40 (1922-1961); Vol. 1 – Vol. 38 (1962-1999)

Western Folklore
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 58 (1942-1999)

Upgrade to JSTOR interface

Article Locator

The Article Locator is a new search form that allows you to find a specific article with an easy, fill-in-the-blank form. To locate a single article, enter as much information as you have from an article reference or citation. The form will search multiple fields of a citation simultaneously, such as author name, article title, journal title, volume/issue information, year, etc.