Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Product Announcement-->MD Consults Clinics

MD Consult link changed

Separate record not created for the Full Clinics Series Package.

Based this on following information from Elsevier:
"Accessing the eClinics. The eClinics are accessible through your MD Consult subscription. On the main MD Consult navigation bar, a new Clinics tab will appear. Clicking on the Clinics tab, the Advanced Search box for Clinics is presented and the eClinics will be searchable as a separate content area, similar to the MD Consult Journal search. In addition, clicking the Clinics tab will display a hyperlinked list of available eClinics packages and titles.

The eClinics may also be accessed directly by going to the eClinics site at: "

SFX - Clinics target activated; however, only journal level linking available. Still waiting for SFX to respond regarding MD Consult core service targets.

New EBSCO features

Citation Format and Export

...we have updated our MLA and APA citation formats to conform to the latest guidelines available. Extensive help and citation format guides are now available to all EBSCOhost users, including information on how to cite, as well as extra instructions specific to EBSCOhost citations. For additional information, click on the online citation help link within the Print/E-mail/Save Manager in EBSCOhost:

Videos and Animated Content

The Consumer Health Complete (CHC) interface has been enhanced with videos, full text video transcripts and animated content, visible and searchable via a "Videos & Animations" icon on the main search page of the CHC interface.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Xrefer Content-->Health, Language, Biography, Technology

Latest Additions

Word Histories and Mysteries

In addition to these new books, we're also updating many of our titles to the latest available editions. The following updated titles were recently released. Expect more soon!

Ebrary News

Latest newsletter available.

-New Academic Subject Databases and Other Changes
Product Tip—Integrating with Blackboard

Historical Abstracts and America History and Life moving to EBSCO

It looks as through the EBSCO version will be available in January, with some overlap time between the versions. EBSCO has contracted with ABC Clio to continue to do indexing. EBSCO will also look into full text versions.

"Dear Librarians and Media Specialist,

As you may know, EBSCO Publishing recently acquired Historical Abstracts (HA) and America: History & Life (AHL) from ABC–CLIO. We are excited to pass along the press release regarding this announcement. We will be in contact in the coming weeks with specific information for current HL and AHL customers as well as with information for those non-customers who may be interested as the databases become available on EBSCOhost."

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Features in Science Direct--RSS and link to Scopus

New features make ScienceDirect even more efficient and supportive

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds - RSS is an established Web standard for the delivery of news headlines and other frequently updated content summaries. RSS feeds will be available on ScienceDirect for search results, citations and new articles, as well as more than 300 pre-selected topics. RSS feeds alert users immediately when Science Direct has new content of interest to them as soon as it is published, keeping users up-to-date with their chosen fields of interest..

Cited By in Scopus - Access to a wealth of citation information is made possible with Cited By in Scopus, which links to specific citations in Scopus - the largest abstract and citation database of research literature and quality Web sources. Cited By in Scopus, which is included on the ScienceDirect article pages, also features a real-time citation count. A Scopus license is not necessary to view the citations for a given article but a ScienceDirect subscription is required

Monday, June 11, 2007

ArtStor improves access for academic publishing

ARTstor Expands Accessibility to Images for Academic Publishing

In March 2007, ARTstor and The Metropolitan Museum of Art began a new collaboration, Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) that allowed scholars at ARTstor participating institutions to download and use, free of charge, high-resolution digital images for academic publications. Initially, nearly 1,700 images representative of the renowned Metropolitan Museum's encyclopedic collection became available through the ARTstor interface to users at all ARTstor participating institutions.

Access to IAP is now being extended to unaffiliated scholars, including those at institutions which do not license ARTstor. Scholars at participating ARTstor institutions are able to access these images through the ARTstor Digital Library. All other scholars can contact ARTstor or The Metropolitan Museum to be registered for free access to IAP.

Additional images will be added to IAP by The Metropolitan Museum of Art later this year and ARTstor is working with other museums and organizations to expand the content available through IAP.

ARTstor, a digital image library, was created in 2001 as a non-profit initiative of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. It is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to serving education and scholarship in the arts and humanities. The more than 750 non-profit institutions currently participating in ARTstor are located in North America, Australia/New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – founded in 1870 with a mission to collect, preserve, and display works of art spanning 5,000 years of world culture from every part of the globe, and to educate the public about art – is the most comprehensive art museum in the Western Hemisphere with a collection now including more than two million works of art.

New JSTOR Content

Agricultural History
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 77, 1927-2003
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: Agricultural History Society
ISSN: 0002-1482

Business Ethics Quarterly
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 11, 1991-2001
Moving Wall: 5 years
Publisher: Philosophy Documentation Center
ISSN: 1052-150x

Epidemiology and Infection
Previous Title: The Journal of Hygiene (0022-1724)
Release Content: Vols. 3 – 127, 1903-2001
Moving Wall: 5 years
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISSN: 0950-2688
NOTE: Volumes 1-2 (1901-1902) of The Journal of Hygiene are not available for release at this time. The content will be publicly released at a later date.

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
Release Content: Vol. 1, Issues 1-10, 2003
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: Ecological Society of America
ISSN: 1540-9295

Goodwin Series
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 8, 1972-2000
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: South African Archaeological Society
ISSN: 0304-3460
NOTE: No issues published 2001-2004. Vol. 9 published in 2005.

IMF Staff Papers
Previous Title: Staff Papers – International Monetary Fund (0020-8027)
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 49, 1950-2002
Moving Wall: 4 years
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Journals on behalf of the International Monetary Fund
ISSN: 1020-7635

Northeastern Naturalist
Previous Title: Maine Naturalist (1063-3626)
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 10, 1993-2003
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: Humboldt Field Research Institute
ISSN: 1092-6194

The Plant Cell
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 16, 1989-2004
Moving Wall: 2 years
Publisher: American Society of Plant Biologists
ISSN: 1040-4651

Risk Management
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 5, 1999-2003
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Journals
ISSN: 1460-3799

Southeastern Naturalist
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 2, 2002-2003
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: Humboldt Field Research Institute
ISSN: 1528-7092

Previous Title: Bears: Their Biology and Management (1936-0614)
Previous Title: Proceedings of the Bear Workshop (International Conference on Bear Research and Management) (1936-0606)
Release Content: Vols. 1 – 14, 1968-2003
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: International Association of Bear Research and Management
ISSN: 1537-6176

ArtStor Update (egyptian, contemporary, architecture)

Egyptian art from Arielle Kozloff Brodkey’s personal archive
We are pleased to announce the addition of a new collection of Egyptian art to the ARTstor Digital Library. The Arielle Kozloff Brodkey archive consists of over 2,400 images focused on the art, architecture and archaeology of ancient Egypt.

Additional images of contemporary art from the Larry Qualls Archive
Larry Qualls has been systematically documenting contemporary art exhibitions at galleries and other exhibition spaces throughout New York City and elsewhere. We are pleased to announce that we have just released an additional 5,000 images from the Larry Qualls Archive, bringing the total number available to ARTstor users to approximately 11,500.

Additional images of contemporary architecture from ART on FILE
ARTstor recently added over 300 images to the ART on FILE collection, bringing the total collection to over 900 images. This most recent addition focuses on contemporary architecture of Los Angeles and Chicago.

More European Art and Architecture from Scala Archives and Art Resource
We are pleased to announce the release of additional images of major Italian and other European works from Scala Archives, bringing the total number of Scala images now available to ARTstor users to approximately 4,700.