Friday, January 23, 2009

New Interface for Justis (Law)

On Thursday 29th January the Justis and JustCite website Interfaces will change.

Visit for a summary of improvements and sample screenshots

Change in Serials Records in SIRSI

For the next week, you may encounter two types of electronic journal records in the catalogue.

The old type will have database names and coverage in the link (next to 'Internet Access':

Internet Access: Full text available from Institute of Physics: 03/01/2000 to present
Internet Access: Full text available from ScienceDirect Journals: 03/01/2000 to 11/30/2007

The new records will have links by subscribing institution:

Internet Access: University of Calgary users
Internet Access: Calgary Health Region users
Internet Access: Tom Baker Cancer Centre users

The appropriate link will take the user to a display of databases and coverage for the journal title.

For example, after clicking on University of Calgary users, a UofC user will see links to the Institute of Physics and Science Direct Journals.

The migration to the new type of record should take about six days.

- information courtesy of Aaron Wood

New ArtStor Content (architecture, art, archaeology)

Larry Qualls Archive
- documenting three decades of contemporary art exhibitions at galleries and other exhibition spaces throughout New York City and elsewhere.

Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archive
- focuses on Ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art, as well as Early Christian and Byzantine art.

Canyonlights World Art Image Bank
- focus on Classical architecture and archeological sites in Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

Architecture in Britain images from Brian Davis
- the collection documents architectural and garden sites in Europe, primarily architecture in Britain from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century.

Cave temples at Ellora

- architecture and sculpture of the rock-cut cave temples at Ellora in Maharashtra, India. This initial release of more than 1,100 images focuses on Buddhist caves, the earliest structures at Ellora, dating from 500 to 700 C.E.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Product: The Birds of North America Online

The Birds of North America Online

BNA Online provides comprehensive life histories for each of the 716+ species of birds breeding in the USA (including Hawaii) and Canada.

Account contents are updated frequently, with contributions from researchers, citizen scientists, and designated reviewers and editors. In addition, BNA Online contains image and video galleries showing plumages, behaviors, habitat, nests and eggs, and more. And most online BNA accounts now feature recordings of the songs and calls of their species, recordings selected from the extensive collection of Cornell's Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds.

Classical Music Library has new platform

New features include
* Browse by Album allows users to browse all classical works by album and find associated recordings of those works

*Users can now search for complete recordings of classical works through our Advanced Search. This way, users can limit their search results to only recordings where the complete work is available instead of highlights/snippets.

*A number of tools that let users create, annotate, and share playlists with content from anywhere on the Web.

19th Century masterfile has new interface

A snapshot of the new interface and the changes can be found at

New Image Collections Added to ArtStor

Ferguson-Royce: Pre-Columbian Photography
Approximately 4,200 images of Pre-Columbian archaeological sites from the department's Ferguson/Royce Archive.

Architectural photography of Philadelphia by Ralph Lieberman
ARTstor has sponsored an extended photographic campaign in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Ralph Lieberman focusing on the city's historic and contemporary architecture, as well as its public art and sculpture.

Images of architecture in Venice from Sarah Quill
Approximately 600 additional images have been added from Sarah Quill's photographic archive of Venice, where she has been photographing buildings and civic life for more than 30 years. There are now approximately 800 images in the collection.

World War I & II postcards and posters
Approximately 5,740 images depicting posters and postcards from World Wars I and II. The collection is international in scope and contains materials from a range of governmental, commercial, and charitable organizations.

Tibetan and Buddhist Art from Rob Linrothe
Approximately 10,000 images of Tibetan and Buddhist art.

New Titles in Credo Reference

Animals and Science: A Guide to the Debates
A Biographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists
Consciousness: A Guide to the Debates
Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics
An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics
The Evolution Wars: A Guide to the Debates
Homosexuality and Science: A Guide to the Debates
Iberia and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
Philosophy of Education: An Encyclopedia
Pop Culture Arab World! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle