Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Product: Dance in Video

Dance productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century. Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, and improvisational dance, as well as forerunners of the forms and the pioneers of modern concert dance. Included are classic performances from top ballet companies; experimental works from up-and-coming dance troupes; documentaries by and about leading choreographers; videos on dance training; and other items covering a wide range of 20th century dance styles.

New Product: Opera in Video

Important opera performances, captured on video through staged productions, interviews, and documentaries. The collection presents an overview of the most commonly studied operas in music history, opera literature, and performance classes. Multiple performances and stagings worldwide of the major operas allow for analysis of stage design, vocal techniques, roles, and musical interpretation across time periods, opera houses, and conductors.

New Product: Foreign Law Guide

Provides relevant information on sources of foreign law, including bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations, indications of currentness of the legal materials listed, and, finally, selected references to secondary sources in English.

Monday, February 09, 2009

New Product: Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Digital Library

RMMLF is an educational organization dedicated to providing scholarly research of the laws and issues affecting domestic and international mineral and water resources.

The goals of the Foundation are to foster and encourage a scholarly and yet practical study of the law and applicable regulations relating to oil and gas, mining, water, public land management, land use, conservation, environmental protection, and other related areas.

Note: The URL leads the user to a login page where they need to click "submit" to access the product, unfortunately this can not be bypassed.

New Product: WildPro Encyclopedia Online

Everything from Foot and Mouth Disease to the Health and Management of Bears.
A one-stop source of information on the health and management of captive and free-living wild animals, and emerging infectious diseases.

Image Quick View in Ebsco Databases

A feature in EBSCO that provides the ability to view thumbnails of the images in an article.

Image Quick View allows a patron to view full details of images found within a record. Image Quick View also helps patrons search for a specific image – whether it be a chart or a photograph – when performing searches.

New Product: Springer Protocols

An electronic database of reproducible laboratory protocols in the Life and Biomedical Sciences.

Springer Protocols offers access to time tested, easily reproducible, step-by-step protocols for immediate use in their lab.

Written by renowned experts in the field with an emphasis on both comprehensiveness and ease of use, each protocol is organized in an easily reproducible recipe style, and offering helpful tricks of the trade in an invaluable “notes” section.