Thursday, November 23, 2006

ArtStor adds Native American ledger drawings

Native American “ledger drawings”

This collection consists of high resolution images of approximately 2,000 Plains Indian "ledger drawings." Plains Indian ledger drawings, mostly produced in the middle to late decades of the 19th century, represent an important indigenous artistic tradition of great and increasing interest to art historians and other scholars.

New Refworks Feature

I tried the Ref-Grab it, very cool. You have to drag it onto your toolbar, but once that's done you can grab web pages citations on the fly.

BETHESDA, MD, USA (November, 2006) - RefWorks, the Web-based online research management, writing, and collaboration tool, has released another feature upgrade to the service. We are pleased to announce exciting new enhancements, including the ability to easily capture bibliographic web page data and the continued development of RefShare, a collaboration utility --- making it even more efficient for users and their colleagues to share data.

RefGrab-It, an exciting new feature introduced by RefWorks, allows users to capture web page bibliographic information through a single click! This new feature also searches the web for additional information relating to the web page (based on ISBN numbers, DOIs and PubMed IDs), working behind the scenes to get the most complete bibliographic information for the user. Any information captured through RefGrab-It can also be seamlessly imported into the user's RefWorks account.

"RefGrab-It is already one of my favorite tools," said Jeff Olsen, Associate Vice President for Online Learning and Services and Director of Library and Information Science at St John's University, New York, USA. "It captures the essential pieces of information and makes it easy for me to modify and add information to fields to supplement what is captured, saving much time. I have used reference database software for many years. RefWorks is the most intuitive and least problematic of any software that I have used. Personally, I have found RefWorks invaluable."

Another new RefWorks enhancement within RefShare, a tool for global dissemination and publication of research, now provides users the ability to collaborate more easily than ever before. Custom links can be created to search for specific author names, descriptors or any words in shared folders or databases. Users may now create an RSS Feed from their data, complete with an RSS icon for RefShare that recipients can add to their feed reader.

Additionally, each reference in a shared folder now has a Link to This Page option that automatically creates a reference-specific URL for the user to bookmark or copy and paste. These upgrades are all designed to assist users to collaborate with colleagues around the world with as much ease as possible!

The RefGrab-It feature enhancements are currently available to all RefWorks users. The RefShare enhancements are only available to institutions subscribing to the module. The Web-based nature of the product allows users to access the new benefits without having to re-load software or make any other changes to their RefWorks accounts.

About RefWorks
RefWorks helps researchers be more effective by aiding in the management, organization, collaboration, and dissemination of information. Thousands of researchers in over 750 institutions around the world use RefWorks daily. Founded in 2001 by a team of experts in the field of bibliography database management, RefWorks supports hundreds of online databases and output styles covering a broad range of subject areas. RefWorks collaborates with some of the world's most prestigious online information service providers including CSA, BioOne, EBSCO, Elsevier, HighWire, H.W. Wilson, ISI Web of Science, OCLC, Ovid and ProQuest, to name a few.

Peterson's Gradline to retire

Ovid regularly reviews its products to ensure that we have properly aligned our investment and resources to support and maintain premier content based on customer demand. As part of this process we identify products that are no longer commercially viable.

In our latest review, Peterson's GRADLINE was found to have an insufficient number of subscribers to support its continued publication on SilverPlatter. As a result we have decided to terminate the database on December 31st, 2006.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Product Announcement-->Eighteenth Century Journals II

We now have access to Eighteenth Century Journals II.

From the online introduction to this product:

"The purpose of Eighteenth Century Journals II is to make available digitally for the first time unique or extremely rare eighteenth century periodicals. The primary aim of the project is to promote a truly broad representation of the culture of print journalism in the eighteenth century. Therefore, there was no selection of titles on the basis of subject matter or theme; or by whether a title was well- or lesser known, either by contemporary readers or scholars of today. Instead, the periodicals included in this project have been carefully chosen to convey the eclectism and evolution of the publishing world between 1695 and 1812.

Eighteenth Century Journals II is the continuation of a series which began with the microfilm collection Eighteenth Century Journals, which made available rare periodicals from the Hope Collection at the Bodleian Library. There is no duplication of material from this first microfilm collection: rather, the selections made for the second series deliberately complement and contrast with those of the original project.

Eighteenth Century Journals II is based on the holdings of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas, Austin, which contains one of the finest collections of rare 17th and 18th century British periodicals in the world. The starting point for selection was British Newspapers and Periodicals 1632-1800, a descriptive catalogue of the early periodical holdings at the University of Texas, compiled by Powell Stewart in 1950. The selection process was then widened to include additional titles accessioned after Powell Stewart’s original inventory, and items from the Queen Anne list of serials at the Center.

The titles were then carefully surveyed against Primary Source Media’s microfilm collection Early English Newspapers; Chadwyck-Healey’s Early English Books Online (EEBO); ProQuest's digital collection British Periodicals, and Thomson Gale’s Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO), to ensure that there was no duplication whatsoever of material already included in these projects.

The final 70 titles, consisting of 60 journals from the Powell Stewart catalogue, and 10 from the Queen Anne list of serials, were assessed for suitability for digitisation, based on their physical condition. Conservation was carried out wherever possible on fragile items."

Monday, November 20, 2006

New Product Announcement-->QP Source Professional

We now have access to this long-awaited legal product. The link is Access is via username and password, through an authentication page (hopefully, IP access will be available in the future). Three simultaneous users.

From the QP Source fact sheet:

"QP Source Professional gives you immediate access to the following resources:
• Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000
• Alberta Statutes, consolidated (and unproclaimed)
• Alberta Regulations
• Tables of Private and Public Statutes
• Index of Regulations
• Alberta Gazette (Part I & II) updated twice per month
• Registrar’s Periodical updated twice per month
• Annual Volume 1996 - Present • Spring and Fall Sitting legislation
• Orders-in-Council 1967 - Present
• Alberta Rules of Court and Practice Notes
• Court Calendar
• Annotated FOIP
• FOIP Guidelines & Practices Manual
• Alberta Securities Rules and Forms
• Occupational Health and Safety Code
• Occupational Health and Safety Code Explanation Guide
• Environmental Codes of Practice (with link to Codes of Practice Management Area maps)
• Specified Penalty Listing
• links to Government Telephone Directory, Bills and Amendments, Alberta Hansard, Court Judgments as well as Orders-in-Council
• Links to Legislation Related external sites.
• comprehensive on-line HELP notes and glossary
• RSS links"

Product Upgrade Announcement-->Hospitality and Tourism Complete

We have upgraded our Hospitality and Tourism database to EBSCO Hospitality and Tourism Complete (we got an extremely good price). From the EBSCO database list:

"Hospitality & Tourism Complete covers scholarly research and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism. This comprehensive database combines the records of three renowned collections: Cornell University’s former Hospitality database, Articles in Hospitality and Tourism (AHT), formerly co-produced by the Universities of Surrey and Oxford Brookes, and the Lodging, Restaurant & Tourism Index (LRTI), formerly produced by Purdue University. Together, this collection contains more than 500,000 records from more than 500 titles, with coverage dating as far back as 1965. In addition, Hospitality & Tourism Complete contains full text for more than 200 publications."

Hospitality and Tourism Complete has been set up as an SFX target, though only to the journal level at present (EBSCO and ExLibris are working on this). Serials Solutions MARC records should appear in the catalogue with the December load (thanks Joyce!).

Saturday, November 18, 2006

International Monetary Fund newsletter

Dear IMF Customer

How do you find the information you need from the International Monetary Fund? Each year, the IMF publishes a wide array of topical and timely content in its books, statistical sets, periodicals, and papers...but it’s up to you to find it. Now we can help you stay up to date on new IMF content.

The IMF is pleased to announce the introduction of its "New & Noteworthy Titles" newsletter, a digest of new publications from the IMF. Each quarter, we will feature important new titles and alert you to updates on regular publications, making it easier to get to the right content. Some of the highlights you’ll find in this issue are:

China and India: Learning From Each Other – This must-read new book draws together analysis and insight from high-level policymakers and advisors in both countries, and shows how, for many years, the two countries have cooperated and learned from each other.

India Goes Global: Its Expanding Role in the World Economy – Is India entering into a “Golden Age” or experiencing a period of rapid but ultimately unsustainable growth? The studies in this book examine in detail what lies behind India’s recent economic rise and considers the steps needed to build on this success over the medium term.

Working Together: Improving Regulatory Cooperation and Information Exchange – Globalization requires enhanced information flows among financial regulators. This book brings together conference papers on information exchange for effective anti-money-laundering/combating the financing of terrorism, standards for cooperation in the insurance sector, and the experiences of regulators from banking, securities, and unified regulatory agencies.

Growth in the Central and Eastern European Countries of the European Union – Focusing on the region’s growth performance, and outlining two growth scenarios that illustrate the range of investment and productivity growth rates, this book draws on extensive resources to identify strengths and weaknesses of these developing economies.

You'll also find the latest updates to the World Economic Outlook, the Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions, and new works from the IMF-Palgrave book series, such as Bank Restructuring and Resolution and Financial Dollarization. We invite you to browse and purchase our latest titles here.

Beta version of combined Jstor/ArtSTor Search

Dear JSTOR Participant,

JSTOR and ARTstor would like to announce the availability of a prototype which aims to facilitate searching across the archived content in JSTOR and the image content in ARTstor. The JSTOR/ARTstor Search Prototype is available in the JSTOR Sandbox (, an area of the JSTOR website used to showcase possible new features and to gather feedback to help direct future development of JSTOR.

The JSTOR/ARTstor Search Prototype allows JSTOR users to conduct a basic search across three types of content: JSTOR article text, JSTOR image caption text, and ARTstor image metadata. After conducting a search, users are presented with search results separated into three tabs:

  • The "Articles" tab lists JSTOR search results for matches in journal article text.
  • The "Images from Articles" tab shows results of a JSTOR caption search, and includes thumbnails of each article page containing an image with a keyword match in the image caption.*
  • The "ARTstor Images" tab lists results of matches for the keyword or phrase in ARTstor image metadata. The search is performed on the creator, title, and subject terms of the metadata.

Users at sites that participate in both JSTOR and ARTstor will be able to view thumbnails of ARTstor images, and may link directly from JSTOR to content in ARTstor. Users at institutions which are not currently ARTstor participating sites may view ARTstor image metadata in the search results but will not see the image thumbnails.

The main goal of featuring prototypes in the JSTOR Sandbox is to assess their value to JSTOR users. We encourage you to try the prototypes and send us your feedback via the "Comment on this feature" link on any Sandbox page.

ArtStor adds European Art and Architecture

New Addition to the ARTstor Digital Library: European art and architecture from Art Resource, Scala Archives

ARTstor recently announced a collaboration with Art Resource and Scala Archives (Florence, Italy). Through this collaboration, ARTstor will make available approximately 12,000 high quality images of European art and architecture, with a special focus on the archaeology, art and architecture of Italy and on the collections of the major museums of Italy and other European countries.

The first fruits of this collaboration are now available to ARTstor users. They include more than 1,100 high quality images of major works of Italian and other European art.

To convey some sense of the range and depth of this expanding collection, there are already

  • more than 60 new images of or relating to works by Botticelli
  • more than 50 new images of or relating to works by Caravaggio
  • more than 30 new images of or relating to works by Correggio
  • more than 40 new images of or relating to works by Mantegna
  • more than 80 new images of or relating to works by Raphael
  • more than 275 new images of works from the Uffizi Gallery
  • more than 25 new images of works from the Louvre

New Asian Art Content in ArtStor

New Addition to the ARTstor Digital Library! Works from the Color Slide Project, American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA)

ARTstor recently announced an important collaboration with the University of Michigan and the American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA). Through this partnership, ARTstor will make available to ARTstor users the approximately 12,000 images of the ACSAA Color Slide Project, familiar to all teachers of the art and architecture of Southern Asia.

The first fruits of this collaboration are now available to ARTstor users. They include nearly 5,000 images. An additional 7,000 images will be released later this year or in early 2007. To browse these new images, please click on “Image Gallery” on the ARTstor “welcome page” and then select “ACSAA Collection (University of Michigan).” Or simply search the keyword “ACSAA.”

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Product Announcement-->Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment (STKE)

We have started a subscription to Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment (STKE), one of the most highly-requested titles via Document Delivery over the past few years.

From the STKE website:
"Signal transduction is the study of how cells control their own and each others' behaviors through chemical signals. Signal transduction research is an intensely active field of biomedical research and is of interest to a broad array of scientists. Science's STKE should be useful to the scientists who specialize in signal transduction, as well as the many scientists who need to follow and apply the current findings of this field even though their primary interest may not be in signal transduction mechanisms themselves."


More information

Monday, October 30, 2006

New Product Announcement-->SPORTDiscus with Full Text

Our SPORTDiscus subscription has been upgraded to SPORTDiscus with Full Text:

From the EBSCO website:

"SPORTDiscus with Full Text is the world's most comprehensive source of full text for sports & sports medicine journals, providing full text for more than 415 journals indexed in SPORTDiscus. Of those, nearly 250 have cover-to-cover indexing in SPORTDiscus. With more than 700,000 full-text articles dating back to 1985, SPORTDiscus with Full Text is the definitive research tool for all areas of sports and sports medicine literature."

New Product Announcement-->Science Classic

From the Science website:

"Science Classic is the NEWLY digitized fulltext archive of Science from AAAS featuring the collection of issues 1880–1996. It's the perfect complement to Science Online which covers 1997-today. Most important, Science Classic is fully integrated with the current content of Science Online making it easier to search the entire collection.

Each article's bibliographic citation, abstract, and references have been rekeyed in an interactive HTML file. This feature allows dynamic linking to: other Science articles across the complete collection, over 900 HighWire hosted journals providing toll-free access to thousands of articles, and fi nally the primary source or secondary databases through CrossRef/DOI, PubMed, and ISI Web of Science. As a result, Science Classic articles provide the end users with a new, more powerful searching tool and the flexible retrieval capabilities they’re used to.
From cover to cover, every page of the back issue file prior to 1997 has been scanned as a high-resolution PDF which offers the sharpest and highest quality text possible. The PDF files have been optimized for fast web transmission and excellent print quality. Each article is a fully searchable PDF."

New Product Announcement-->Literary Encyclopedia

"The Literary Encyclopedia is an expanding global literary reference work written by over 1400 specialists from universities around the world, and currently provides over 3550 authoritative profiles of authors, works and literary and historical topics. We will provide over 3800 by the end of this year and aim to publish at least 800 new profiles (circa 1.6m words) in the next 15 months. We also list nearly 19,000 works by date, country and genre, and provide advanced software tools."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 verdict is in we're keeping the subscription

I asked if we thought the public version of Worldcat would replace our subscribed version or Worldcat.

The comments were

I prefer our licensed verion of WorldCat
- PLEASE, keep our WordCat!!

- I too think that we should continue our WorldCat subscription
and don't think that it's necessary to have a link in the
Research Databases list.

- We definitely should continue to pay for a subscription
to WorldCat.


"Although the basic identifying information you'll find on
this Web site can fulfill most needs, WorldCat at your
library includes *extra features such as advanced search
and "similar items" capabilities, as well as published
reviews and excerpts to help you better evaluate an item."

*We have a link to worldcat.og from the catalogue.
I don't think we need a link from the Research Databases list.

- There's only one thing to do. Put 'em on notice!

i'll put my two cents in. the free version appears
to have a more simplified search interface which
could pose problems for some types of searching.

i also noticed that there is no bibliographic
info export/download feature on worldcat.
some researchers use this database to locate
grey literature and other studies to support
their research work and it is valuable to
have a means of saving the results of
these searches into a bibliographic software
program so not having an export option could
be an issue for some.

- A tool which only locates near copies is
of next to no value to our students. I
recommend WorldCat for checking historical
references, missing info in citations and
as a subject searching tool. I expect that
you can do all of these with W.o . I did
see the subject headings in the brief record.

I think the initial display is much too
simple and not helpful to the grads and
faculty who do use the REAL worldcat.

New JSTOR content

  • The American Journal of Economics and Sociology
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 59, 1941-2000

  • The American Journal of Nursing
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 98, 1900-1998

  • California Law Review
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 90, 1912-2002

  • Educational Studies in Mathematics
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 51, 1968-2002

  • Environmental Health Perspectives
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 114 (Issue 3), 1972-2006

  • The Florida Entomologist
    Previous Title: The Florida Buggist (1930-4013)
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 87, 1917-2004

  • Journal of Community Health Nursing
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 17, 1984-2000

  • Journal of Orthoptera Research
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 13, 1992-2004

  • Law and Philosophy
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 21, 1982-2002

  • Luso-Brazillian Review
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 40, 1964-2003

  • Mammalian Species
    Release Content: Nos. 1 – 646, 1969-2000

  • Palaios
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 15, 1986-2000

  • Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 8, 1982-2000 (no volumes were published in 2001 and 2002. Volume 9 was published in 2003.)

  • Review of Religious Research
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 45 (Issue 2), 1959-2003

  • Revue économique
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 53, 1950-2002

  • Social Scientist
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 30, 1972-2002

  • The Yearbook of English Studies
    Release Content: Vols. 1 – 32, 1971-2002

Factiva adds 40 new sources

Source Name Description
Nepali Times A national newspaper from the Kingdom of Nepal.
Wings of Gold Quarterly magazine looking at strategic considerations for USA naval and aeronautical developments, tactical operations, training, manpower and logistic support.
Delovaya Stolitsa Ukrainian business weekly providing Ukrainian news and market reviews covering regional infrastructure, economy, finance, real estate, construction industry etc. First-hand information from all regions of Ukraine provided by a wide network of own regional correspondents.
Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster, providing radio, television and internet services, communicating Germany's interests internationally. Deutsche Welle is politically independent and provides news about German political, general and business issues, of interest to national and international audiences.
Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster, providing radio, television and internet services, communicating Germany interests internationally. Deutsche Welle is politically independent and provides news about German political, general and business issues, of interest to national and international audiences.
Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster, providing radio, television and internet services, communicating Germany's interests internationally. Deutsche Welle is politically independent and provides news about German political, general and business issues, of interest to national and international audiences.
DTZ Asia Property Market Update (Chinese - Simplified) DTZ Asia Property Market Update brings you the latest property market information from major cities in Asia.
DTZ Asia Property Market Update (Chinese - Traditional) DTZ Asia Property Market Update brings you the latest property market information from major cities in Asia.
EMEA (European Medicines Agency) This is an electronic publication from the European Medicines Agency, updated on an ongoing basis with regulatory information on drugs and the pharmaceutical industry.
MHRA (UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) This is an electronic publication from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of the United Kingdom, updated on an ongoing basis with regulatory information on drugs and the pharmaceutical industry.
Fashion Wire Daily Photos Fashion Wire Daily photographs covering all aspects of the fashion industry.
Tikkun A bi-monthly Jewish critique of politics, culture and society.
ACN Newswire The Asia Corporate News Network (ACN) was established in 2005 to provide Asian-based company information to international stakeholders. Primarily an English-language service, ACN also provides Asian-based and foreign company news to readers in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. ACN provides full text corporate press releases ("ACN Newswire") on a daily, real-time basis from offices in Tokyo and Sydney.
ACN Newswire Ch.S (Chinese - Simplified) ACN Newswire Ch.S provides Asian full-text corporate press releases submitted in Simplified Chinese on a daily, real-time basis from offices in Tokyo and Sydney. The Asia Corporate News Network (ACN) was established in 2005 to provide Asian-based company information to international stakeholders.
ACN Newswire Ch.S (Chinese - Traditional) ACN Newswire Ch.S provides Asian full-text corporate press releases submitted in Simplified Chinese on a daily, real-time basis from offices in Tokyo and Sydney. (This source provides these releases converted to Traditional Chinese.) The Asia Corporate News Network (ACN) was established in 2005 to provide Asian-based company information to international stakeholders.
ACN Newswire Ch.T (Chinese - Simplified) ACN Newswire Ch.T provides Asian full-text corporate press releases submitted in Traditional Chinese on a daily, real-time basis from offices in Tokyo and Sydney. (This source provides these releases converted to Simplified Chinese.) The Asia Corporate News Network (ACN) was established in 2005 to provide Asian-based company information to international stakeholders.
ACN Newswire Ch.T (Chinese - Traditional) ACN Newswire Ch.T provides Asian full-text corporate press releases submitted in Traditional Chinese on a daily, real-time basis from offices in Tokyo and Sydney. The Asia Corporate News Network (ACN) was established in 2005 to provide Asian-based company information to international stakeholders.
Kommersant-Ukraine Daily Ukranian business newspaper providing high quality, timely and objective information on business, political, social, cultural and sports events. Accurate forecasts and deep analysis.
Kommersant-Ukraine Online News Newswire of Kommersant's Ukrainian website publishes hot news from journalists in Kiev and correspondents in all Ukraine's regions, monitoring the most important events in the economic and political life of Ukraine, and provides news from all Ukrainian and main foreign information agencies.
Kommersant-Ukraine Supplements Special Projects of Kommersant Publishing House --
Thematic supplements to Kommersant Newspaper focused on a definite segment of the market. Up-to-date information, development trends, deep coverage of the most dynamic sections of the market.
Kommersant-Ukraine Weekend Weekly supplement to Kommersant, a Ukraine newspaper. Guide to cultural life, entertainment, shops and restaurants.
Xinhua Business Weekly A weekly English-language publication issued every Friday. It serves foreign agencies, business executives and researchers, providing them with information about China's current economic events and market developments, with a focus on industry guidelines, analysis and forecasts.
Xinhua China Facts and Figures Xinhua China Facts and Figures is a bi-monthly English-language report available on the 1st and 16th of each month. It provides economic figures and analysis on the latest developments and background on the Chinese economy.
Xinhua China Money Xinhua China Money is a weekly English-language source published every Wednesday. It provides firsthand information about the latest developments and general trends in China's financial market and monetary policies. It is designed specially for executives in the global financial community.
Xinhua Economic Focus (Chinese - Simplified) Xinhua Economic Focus, published from Monday to Friday, provides in-depth analysis and news on China's economic policies and regulations.
Xinhua Economic Focus (Chinese - Traditional) Xinhua Economic Focus, published from Monday to Friday, provides in-depth analysis and news on China's economic policies and regulations.
Xinhua Electronics News Xinhua Electronics News is a weekly English-language source published every Friday. It provides authoritative information about the latest developments in China's IT & telecom industry. It aims to keep business executives and researchers well informed of of what is going on in these fields.
Australian Company News Bites - Trading Floor Continually updated news on share price changes, volumes, price earnings ratios, yields and financials on companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. It compares the performance of stocks with peers and industry sectors.
RBC-Ukraine Daily financial, economic and political Ukrainian and world news from independent Ukrainian news agency RBC-Ukraine with analysis and comment on Ukrainian politics, business events, financial markets, exchange quotes and rates.
Transport + Opslag (Flow of Goods) Transport + Opslag covers warehousing and distributing covering storage, industry specific software, automatic identification, packaging and human resources.
SKRIN Company Profiles Basic information on Russian companies: addresses, telephone numbers and other contact data; body, date and number of state registration, charter capital, shareholders, financial performance indicators, balance-sheet, profit and loss statement etc. Includes images.
SKRIN Company Profiles Basic information on Russian companies: addresses, telephone numbers and other contact data; body, date and number of state registration, charter capital, shareholders, financial performance indicators, balance-sheet, profit and loss statement etc. Includes images.
Russian Polis Magazine (Russian) A leading Russian magazine about insurance in Russia and abroad. It reviews all aspects of the insurance business, finance, savings and risk management.
Yonhap Japanese News (Japanese Language) Provided by Yonhap News Agency in Japanese. Covers political, economic and general information in the Republic of Korea. News about North Korea is also covered. News is edited, translated and abstracted.
Kommersant Autopilot Monthly automobile journal with news of the automobile market in Russia and worldwide. The automobile way of thinking. Life at high speed. Driving tests for new models. The best cars of the world and the risky persons wheeled. The brand retro-heading “Life of Famous Cars.” Author’s headings by the most fluent pens of Kommersant.
Kommersant International Kommersant International is an independent and reliable English language source of information in Moscow and Russia delivering facts from state and private, open and secret sources and informing you on the whole spectrum of positions and opinions popular in Russia.
Kommersant Regions The Kommersant newspaper is released in 13 largest regions of Russia and provides high-grade current and objective information: news about Russia’s authorities, business, financial and political events as well as about social, cultural and sports life worldwide, in Russia and in the region.
Kommersant Sport Weekly supplement to Kommersant newspaper. Describes the basic sports trends, analyzes top sports events, both in Russia and worldwide. Publishes interviews with sports superstars and provides data on active recreation and tourism.
Kommersant Supplements Color thematic supplements to Kommersant newspaper focused on a definite segment of the market: Business Guide, Metallurgy, Oil & Gas, Power Engineering, House, Telecom, Tourism, Bank, Auto, Social Report, Guide, Rating, etc. Up-to-date information, development trends, deep coverage of the most dynamic sections of the market. One of the Special Projects of Kommersant Publishing House.
Kommersant Weekend Weekly supplement to Kommersant newspaper. Kommersant Weekend is a guide to the cultural life, entertainment, shops and restaurants of Moscow.

Science Direct provides CitationTracking Service

Get it First – with ScienceDirect’s alerting services

As a subscriber to both ScienceDirect’s Search and Volume/ Issue alerts we thought you’d like to hear about our Citation and Topic alerting services. These alerts will help ensure you never miss out on those vital pieces of new research.

Citation alerts
Citation alerts allow you to track whenever a chosen article is cited and you can use this service to stay informed of the latest new research on very specific topics or hot issues.

You can set up a citation alert whenever you’re reading a full-text article by clicking on Save as Citation Alert. Try it today.

Topic alerts
ScienceDirect’s Topic alerts allow you to keep abreast of the latest trends in your chosen areas of interest. You can set up alerts in any category or sub-specialty and receive regular updates of the latest research. Try it out today, just log-in and set up some Topic alerts.


  • As a registered user of ScienceDirect you can add, delete or modify your email alerts at any time by going to MySettings
  • If you have forgotten your password or username, just go to Forgotten password? -and type in your email address for a quick reminder

With best regards

The ScienceDirect team

SPE Papers Adds Geographic Search and New Login procedures

Dear eLibrary Subscriber:

I am writing to let you know that later this week SPE will launch a new way of searching the eLibrary -- a map-based search. SPE has licensed MetaCarta's proprietary technology for identifying geographic locations within documents. If geography is important to a search, this new tool can be very useful. We will be promoting this new technology during our Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition next week.

We know that some of your companies are using this technology internally. We anticipate that anyone who has previously used this technology will be very comfortable with it from the beginning. For others, we have a Help/Users Guide link at upper right on the page to assist them in getting started.

The search technology is very different from the Autonomy search engine that powers our normal eLibrary search. While we know that people will be tempted to compare them, there's really no basis for doing so. We hope that customers will see them as complimentary approaches to finding the answers they need. Which is "better" will depend on how important geography is to the solution.

As you know, until SPE completes its migration to new security software at yearend, IP-validation of users against your subscription occurs when they connect to a link on our website and then get redirected to the eLibrary. For the remainder of 2006, we suggest that you tell users who want to use the new map-based search to first go to the eLibrary like they normally would, then click on the tab to go to the map-based search. This will assure that the validation happens and their usage will be properly assigned to your subscription. If they go directly to the map-based search, they will not be logged in correctly to use your subscription.

Once we complete the transition of our security software at yearend, IP-validation will be more transparent and will no longer require a link from your intranet to SPE as part of the validation process. We are looking forward to this change and the many other benefits it offers. Over the next couple of months, we will be in contact to verify that we have the correct list of IP ranges for your organization.

Two other changes we are making as part of this process will also affect your users. First, everyone using a corporate IP-validated subscription will need to have their own individual login beginning in January. All SPE members already have a login, and many others in your organization may also have registered for a meeting, submitted an abstract, bought a book, or conducted other business that required a login. For those who don't already have a login, getting one is easy. The second change is that login will now be email address. This simple change should make login easy to remember.

We're excited about the many changes that we are making to make the SPE website and the eLibrary more useful for our customers. The map-based search of the eLibrary is one change that we could implement now. We hope that your user base will find it useful.

Additions to ArtStor--Architecture, Art, Natural History

Architecture, SouthEast Asia, Birds, Islamic Art and Architecture, Contemporary Art

Andrew Dickson White Architectural Photographs
The Andrew Dickson White Architectural Photographs Collection is a collection of nearly 1,400 19th- and early 20th-century photographs of architecture, decorative arts and sculpture in Europe and the U.S. These materials will complement both ARTstor’s already strong holdings in the history of architecture and its expanding holdings in the history of photography.

Southeast Asia Visions
“Southeast Asia Visions” is a digital collection of European travel accounts of Southeast Asia dating between 1630 and 1930, from Cornell University Library's John M. Echols Collection and Rare and Manuscript Collections. This collection provides online access to the visual content of more than 350 books and journal articles written in English and French. The images now included in ARTstor from the Southeast Asia Visions collection were selected for the quality of their first-hand documentation and visual beauty, providing a comprehensive visual representation of Southeast Asia as recorded by Europeans. The accounts in the collection include some 10,000 images, drawings, photographs, prints and maps, many of them in color. This collection will powerfully complement ARTstor’s already rich holdings in the art, architecture and culture of Asia (as reflected in the Huntington Archive of Asian Art, the Mellon International Dunhuang Archive, and the ACSAA Collection from the Univ ersity of Michigan, the first fruits of which have recently been released into the ARTstor Digital Library).

Masterpieces from the Hill Ornithological Collection, Cornell University Library
This selection from the Hill Ornithological Collection at Cornell offers a collection of more than 200 images that traces the development of ornithological illustration in the 18th and 19th centuries. In its focus upon the 18th and 19th centuries, the collection complements ARTstor’s already strong holdings in the history of prints (anchored by ARTstor’s digital version of The Illustrated Bartsch) as well as ARTstor’s growing collection of natural history illustration (especially the “First Fleet” collection from the Natural History, London).

Islamic Art and Architecture

In February of this year, we announced the first fruits of our collaboration with Sheila Blair, Jonathan Bloom and Walter Denny, through which we will make available up to 25,000 images from the personal image archives of these three distinguished Islamicists.

We are pleased to announce now that we have recently released approximately 3,900 further images from this collection, bringing the total to approximately 5,500 images. An additional 2,500 images will be released later this year or in early 2007. To browse these new images, please click on “Image Gallery” on the ARTstor “welcome page” and then select “Islamic Art and Architecture Collection (Sheila Blair, Jonathan Bloom, Walter Denny).” Or search for images from these scholars' archives using their names as keywords (e.g. "Walter Denny").

Works by modern and contemporary Artists represented by the Société des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques (ADAGP)

In July 2006 we announced an important agreement between the French artists’ rights society (the Société des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques (“ADAGP”)), The Artists Rights Society of the United States (ARS), and ARTstor. We are now happy to announce that under this agreement, the ARTstor Digital Library now includes approximately 4,000 digital images of art works by nearly 350 ADAGP artists and estates.

Artists whose works are now represented in ARTstor as a result of these agreements include: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Emile Bernard, Pierre Bonnard, Constantin Brancusi, Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Andre Derain, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Wassily Kandinsky, Le Corbusier, Fernand Leger, Rene Magritte, Joan Miro, and Edouard Vuillard.

ADAGP is the French collective society for the rights of authors in the visual arts (such as painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, and others).

ARS is a preeminent organization for visual artists in the United States. Founded in 1987, ARS represents the intellectual property rights interests of over 40,000 visual artists and estates of visual artists

Monday, September 04, 2006

JSTOR Citation Export Feature

JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization responsible for preserving and extending access as broadly as possible to an archive of important scholarly journals.

Direct Export of Citations Now Available

JSTOR is pleased to announce the availability of a direct export feature for citations. JSTOR users may now directly export citations to the EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, and RefWorks products. Choosing the direct export option will automatically open the citation management application, enabling more seamless exporting and importing of the citations. In addition to the direct export option, filters for these programs are still available for download for those who need them.

Other changes to the citation management feature include a new BibTeX formatted export option, and a reorganization of the export options on the Saved Citations page.

For more information about JSTOR citation management, please see the Saving Citations help file:

Friday, August 18, 2006

New Version of ARTstor viewer

New Version of the Offline Image Viewer Available The latest release of the ARTstor Offline Image Viewer (version 2.6) is now available for download.

The OIV 2.6 contains additional features and enhanced functionality that were not available in previous versions of the software. Using the OIV 2.6, users can now:

import PowerPoint presentations directly into the OIV, effectively translating PowerPoint presentations into OIV presentations,

view a preview of each image within an Image Group before it is downloaded,

choose from more templates when creating slide presentations

use new undo/redo functionality when editing slides,

fully utilize the OIV 2.6 with all new Mac computers with the Intel Core Duo processor, and

upload both local images and OIV presentations from the OIV to Personal Collections in ARTstor (for instructor-level users only).

The OIV 2.6 can be installed by any registered user from the ARTstor Digital Library. For detailed instructions on how to install the OIV, please visit “Installing the OIV 2.6” in our online help.

In addition to our online help, User Services offers free, daily online training sessions. We have added additional training sessions during the month of August specifically to accommodate those who are interested in learning about OIV 2.6 and the recently announced enhancements to the Digital Library.

To view a list of scheduled training sessions, click on the "Training Center" tab at For additional instructions on how to register and attend an online session, view the “Training Sessions” section in the "Using ARTstor" section of our website.

ArtStor Update--Performance Art added

Franklin Furnace and ARTstor announce collaboration agreement, ARTstor’s first with an “alternative space”

Since its inception in 1976, Franklin Furnace has presented what has come to be known as “variable media” art work -- works that take on new dimensions in each iteration. These works challenge the bounds of genre, varying in the meanings they take on contextually as well as in their physical deployment.

Digital images are fast replacing slides and slide projectors in the teaching of art and art history. To respond to these changes, Franklin Furnace will work with ARTstor to digitize and distribute images and documentation of events presented and produced by Franklin Furnace, with the goal of embedding the value of ephemeral practice into art and cultural history.

The records of Franklin Furnace present an unparalleled resource in that they are the only artifacts of live, ephemeral, variable media works. While scholars still debate the locus of art in time-based, variable media, the physical history held in Franklin Furnace's institutional archives offers a rare and valuable resource that captures the moment, the concept of the artist, and the historical context in which the work was created through the prism of its documentary parts.

Artists working in the late 70s and early 80s broached topics of personal, social and political relevance, and artworks produced at Franklin Furnace reflect their historical context. Artists who got their start in alternative spaces crossed genres to address issues of identity and politics from the perspective of the marginalized “outsider” in the realms of gender, ethnicity/nationality and other subjects at the core of cultural conflict.

Artists presented by Franklin Furnace include: Eric Bogosian, monologist and star of stage and screen; Jenny Holzer and Ann Hamilton, who represented the United States in the Venice Biennale; Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Liza Lou, winners of the MacArthur "genius" award; Mona Hatoum, the first artist to ever win the prestigious Sonning prize; Shirin Neshat, world renowned Iranian artist and filmmaker; and Ana Mendieta, Cuban-born artist whose retrospective was on view in 2004 at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

The individual and collective impact of artists such as these upon larger culture is documented in the materials contained within the archives of Franklin Furnace:

In 1985, Franklin Furnace presented one of the first performance artworks to address the AIDS crisis; “Pink Triangle, Not Forgotten,” by S. K. Duff. About the identification and extermination of gays in Nazi Germany, this performance helped to kindle the public discourse that ultimately resulted in mainstream acceptance of AIDS victims;

Mona Hatoum's “Variation on Discord and Division” made a silent, eloquent statement on the bloodshed in the Middle East in 1984;

Robbie McCauley's 1985 “My Father and the Wars” explored the embedded nature of racism in American military and social institutions.

Teh-Ching Hsieh’s 1983 “One-Year Performance (Living Outside)” installation at Franklin Furnace was comprised of 365 maps of Lower Manhattan showing where he slept, ate, walked and slept each day; photos of the artist during the four seasons; and his clothes worn while living outside for one year, a silent treatise on what it means to be homeless.

Franklin Furnace has a history of actively making its collections and archives available for research. From pioneering storefront art space in TriBeCa to “going virtual” on the Internet, Franklin Furnace has explored new venues to reach the public.

On May 11, 2006, the organization received notification that its proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities--to digitize and publish on its website, records of performances, installations, exhibits and other events produced by the organization during its first ten years—had been funded. This project will create electronic access to what are now the only remaining artifacts of these singular works of social, political and cultural expression.

Commenting on the value of Franklin Furnace’s event archives to scholars, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Professor of Performance Studies, New York University writes, “The Franklin Furnace archive is of interest to a wide range of humanities fields because of the opportunity it affords to explore the role of art and the artist in American society in the post-World War II period. …this work was particularly responsive to the historic era in which it was made. As a result, scholars in such fields as American Studies, art history, visual cultural studies, theater history, performance studies, cinema studies, cultural studies, critical studies and museum studies will find rich research possibilities here.”

Says Martha Wilson, Founding Director of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., “The Board of Directors made the wrenching decision to sell the loft at 112 Franklin Street and ‘go virtual’ during our 20th anniversary season in 1996-97. At that time, in the wake of the Culture Wars, our primary concern was to choose a venue and art medium in the Internet that would provide the same freedom of expression artists had enjoyed in the loft in the 70s. Ten years later, the decision to make our website our public face has resulted in Franklin Furnace’s successful transition from physical art space to online research resource. I am truly thrilled to be embarking on Franklin Furnace’s 30th year with ARTstor’s collaboration agreement and a major grant from the NEH. The confluence of these events will help fulfill our mission to make the world safe for avant-garde art.”

House of Common Parliamentary Papers Complete

ProQuest Completes Digitization of 19th Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers ProQuest Information and Learning, the leading provider of digital content from the 19th century, has completed the digitization of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers from 1801 to 1900.

Parliamentary Papers are considered to be the most detailed primary source for information on 19th-century Britain, its colonies, and the wider world.

This comprehensive collection includes all sessional papers issued by the House of Commons between 1801-1900, including Bills, Reports of Royal Commissions, Reports of Select Committees, Accounts and Papers, and Command Papers.

The completion of the digitization of 78,000 papers, comprising all of the sessional papers issued by the House of Commons between 1801-1900 (4.2 million pages) was featured in both College & Research Libraries News and Information Outlook.

CNKI interface upgrade

East View Information Services is pleased to announce a number of important upgrades of the CNKI platform. We think you will appreciate the new features and improved look of the interface.

New features (described below) create a much more robust search experience, including:

* Individual Journal page
* Browsing
* Cross-Database Search
* Century Journals Project
* Similar Documents Search Results and more.

Try it now on the East View mirror server at:
ProQuest is pleased to announce the release of Safari 5.0.

The new interface will be available on August 19, 2006.This release brings a new look and feel to the interface along with improved search capabilities. Search functionality will remain the same so users will still have the ability to keyword and code fragment search.

The interface includes the following enhancements:

* "Graphically rich" books are now supported - See representations of book content in Safari for titles with particularly complex typography. The "Graphically rich" content offers improved display of illustrative content from charts and graphs to black and white photographs to color screen displays, allowing Safari to offer you more titles from Peachpit and Adobe Press on Photoshop, Flash and software for graphic programming and applications. This new content is perfect for web designers, web developers and those studying for careers in creative professions

* Faster Page Refresh - Using Ajax, Safari loads pages faster and more efficiently.

* Suggested Search - As you type your search term Safari suggests, in real time, expressions from the most popular searches our users have entered.* Convenient Access to Advanced Search Parameters - A new dropdown provides access to filtering on book titles, section titles, code fragments, author, and publisher.

* Choice Between Popularity and Text-based Relevancy in Search - A new slider bar allows you to weight your search results based on popularity or relevancy ranked by book.

* Improvements to "Additional Reading" links - When you click on an "Additional reading" link at the bottom of book content pages, the destination section is now viewable in full.

* Amazon reviews and ratings for thousands of titles

Lexi - Comp update

I couldn't really post the entire newsletter, but the key links are below:

Welcome to the August edition of Lexi-Comp’s enewsletter. This month, we are bringing you the following information:

Clinical Perspective
This month we highlight how Pediatric Lexi-Drugs® and Lexi-Comp® ONLINETM can provide comprehensive support in the care of a young patient.

What's New
Feature Added to Patient Care Module

Technology Update
Lexi-Comp, Inc. and Research In Motion® (RIM), the makers of BlackBerry™ devices, have partnered to offer healthcare providers constant connectivity to vital point-of-care information.

Budget Update-->Student Union Funds

Heather sent out the following:

As a result of discussion with the Student Union Library rep I just want to confirm that there will be no distribution of Student Union funds across all subject areas. The funds will be expended through an undergraduate book approval plan that will be established with YBP. This expenditure will start with 2007 imprints. I will be setting up meetings in your calendars re the undergraduate plan and sending out some information for consideration.

I'd like to add that the Students Union is also funding ebrary and this year have added RefWorks to the products they support.

Yay, we have the BEST students!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Product-->Natural.Re.Source

"Natural Re.Source is a comprehensive, highly searchable, internet database capturing the public policy requirements for the energy, environment, mining and forestry sectors in seven Canadian jurisdictions - Federal, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Yukon, NWT and Ontario."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Information Hygiene--police your metadata

The Privacy commissioner of Canada has released a fact sheet on the Risks of Metadata.

A good read, for example, do you know how to make sure that tracked changes are cleaned off the final versions of any World document?

Platform change for Gale InfoTrac products

Effective August 1, 2006, the InfoTrac databases will be automatically switched over to the new PowerSearch interface.

This new interface allows you to search one or many of the Info Trac databases at the same time.

For full details about the switch to PowerSearch, please refer to the
following Thomson Gale notice:

Please note, this switch will automatically take place and should NOT
affect access. This will result in a new interface for the InfoTrac databases.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gale Virtual Reference Library Cataloguing Complete

To check out the records use the search
in the catalogue

Hein On Line New Content

First, as far as our research indicates, the addition of the U.S. Government Manual from inception in HeinOnline’s Federal Register library provides the only online source for complete, historical coverage of this important title.

The following description about the Manual comes from the website of GPO Access (

“As the official handbook of the Federal Government, the United States Government Manual provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. It also includes information on quasi-official agencies; international organizations in which the United States participates; and boards, commissions, and committees. A typical agency description includes:

A list of officials heading major operating units.
A summary statement of the agency's purpose and role in the Federal Government.
A brief history of the agency, including its legislative or executive authority.
A description of its programs and activities.
Information, addresses, and phone numbers to help users locate detailed information on consumer activities, contracts and grants, employment, publications, and other matters of public interest. “

To give some idea of the overall historic value of including a document such as the Manual in HeinOnline, please refer to this link from the first edition (1935), which provides details on the National Archives.


refer to this link about the Library of Congress, which notes, “The Library of Congress was established under the law approved April 24, 1800, appropriating $5,000 "for the purchase of such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress.” .

Interestingly, the text on this page also refers to 2 Stat. 56, c. 37, which of course refers to the U.S. Statutes at Large, a title also available in HeinOnline. Researchers can easily access this page in HeinOnline’s Statutes at Large library from this link

Another new title added with this release is the Code of Emergency Federal Regulations. This title is also available in HeinOnline’s Federal Register Library, and can be purchased as an acid-free reprint from our company.

Finally, we have added links to external sites within HeinOnline’s Treaties and Agreements Library as well as HeinOnline’s U.S. Federal Legislative Histories Library.

New Titles Added to HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library:

American Labor Legislation Review Vols. 1-32 (1911-1942)
All Published Frank G. Raichle Lecture Series on Law in American Society (This title is a collection of annual speeches given by various people such as Janet Reno, Sandra Day O’Connor, William Rehnquist, and others at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York)

Journal of African Law Vols. 1-45 (1957-2001)
Journal of the History of International Law Vols. 1-4 (1999-2002)
Loyola Law and Technology Annual Vols. 1-5 (1996-2005)
Mental and Physical Disability Law Reporter Vols. 1-28 (1976-2004)
National Law Review Vol. 1 (1888) All Published
Revue Juridique Themis Vols. 1-15, 1-38 (1951-2004)
Southern Lawyer Vol. 1 (1937) All Published
University of Detroit Mercy International Law Forum Vols. 1-4 (1991-1994)

Grove Music Update

This month's update to Grove Music Online includes the revision of over 35 articles to record the passing of members of the music community.

True to its standard as the authority on all aspects of music world-wide, these musicians hail from across the globe and contributed to diverse musical genres, from Opera to Jazz to Soul.

We've also continued the project of adding 240 articles, revised to account for recent scholarship, from The New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers.

For complete details of this update, please visit:

Grove Art New Content

This month's update to Grove Art Online includes over 100 new and updated articles and over 420 new images as well as expanded links according to subject area.

Now available are full color sample illustrations by the quintessential Renaissance master Giotto, plans for the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul and interior shots of Hagia Sophia, a wide array of African masks, sculptures, and figurines, and much more!

For complete details of this update, please visit:

Upgrade to ProQuest Digital Dissertations

This is an update about the ProQuest Digital Dissertations™ (PQDD) migration to the ProQuest platform.

Support for Subject Subsets:
Not only will customers with one of the larger subject subsets be able to move to PQDT, but other customers who want to subscribe to smaller, full text subsets -- like Medicine or Agriculture -- will be able to do so as well.

Support for Open Access Dissertations and Theses:
Beginning in the fall of 2006, graduate authors who publish with ProQuest/UMI will have the option of publishing their work on an open access basis under our Expanded Publishing with Open Access (EPOA) service. As they become available, those EPOA titles will be added to the database for free full-text download for all PQDT users.

Search Enhancements:

Enhancements include the ability to limit by material type (dissertations or theses) and improvements to searching by university name.

New Product Announcement-->Wiley Interscience Backfiles

We have purchased all of the backfiles for the journals on the Wiley Interscience platform that were available as of June 2006.

This includes the following collections of journals:
Analytical Sciences Biotechnology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics Cell and Developmental Biology Chemistry Chemistry Societies General Medicine Genetics and Evolution Journal of Pathology Materials Science Neuroscience New Directions for Evaluation Numerical Engineering Physics and Astronomy Polymer Psychology Tribology

There is also a backfile collection for Angewandte chemie, which we already own.

Several other collections will be released later this year and next; we will look at purchasing these later.

All of the collections have been treated by Serials Solutions and SFX except for Physics and Astronomy and Tribology. These will be added in the future.

Please spread the word about these backfiles.

To assist with this, Wiley have sent us some promotional materials that we can give to users:
*mouse pads with inserts giving the basic information about the backfile collections
*Wiley Interscience cloth bags
*Wiley Interscience backfile water bottles There are 100 of each of these.

I can send the mouse pads to people but you'll have to pick up the other items yourself. Please come and get some (I'm running out of space in my office :-) ). First come, first served.

Please email or call me if you have any questions.


ProQuest Upgrades

Enhancements include:

Implementation of Spell Check
This exciting new feature is available for products on the ProQuest platform. Spell Check will ask the user a "Did you mean..." question on the search results page to prompt for spelling corrections inside the user's search query.

Support for Subject Subsets within ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

Not only will customers with one of the larger subject subsets be able to move to PQDT in the ProQuest Platform, but other customers who want to subscribe to smaller, full-text subsets - like Medicine or Agriculture - will be able to do so also.

New Product Announcement-->E-Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialities

This product is of particular importance as it is the first new joint electronic license for the Health Information Network of Calgary and the University of Calgary. A milestone in our partnership.

E-CPS (Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties)

The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) 2006 is the 41st edition of a Canadian drug information institution. The compilation of product monographs began as a service to health care professionals in 1960 and is now the most comprehensive and frequently used source of Canadian drug information.

In addition to compiling, standardizing and organizing the product monographs submitted by the pharmaceutical manufacturers and approved by Health Canada, the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) today writes evidence-based CPhA drug monographs, develops clinical tools for safe and effective patient care and provides guides for identification and therapeutic use of drugs available in Canada.

ISI Web of Knowledge New Features

Author Finder* — Find the right author, right away. Distinguish between authors with the same name; available in Web of Science® and Current Content Connect®.

RSS Alerting — Integrate crucial data into your workflow. Get custom RSS feeds to receive search, citation, and tables of content alerts from ISI Web of Knowledge.

Improved topic search results — Get more complete search results. Cast a wider net with the new implied "AND" between search terms. See how this change affects your search results.

*Saundra Lipton recommended

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2005 Journal Citation Reports data now available

Our users are often keen to get their hands on the data from Journal Citation Reports (JCR) for the previous year but it takes about six months for this information to appear in the database (there's loads of number-crunching that has to be done). On that note, the JCR data for 2005 is now available.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Historical Abstracts and AH&L upgrades in beta

FYI, the beta includes these new features:

* the means to search both America: History & Life and Historical Abstracts at once if your institution subscribes to both databases
* the means to easily limit by one of five most-often-occurring languages from the Basic search screen
* the means to automatically expand all results (in Display Options) or to expand by group (in results display)
* the means to easily print a single record from search results
* catalog linking support for Historical Abstracts Book entries
* the means to save searches to a personal profile
* time period searches that accept single years and spans of years
* faster searching with quoted phrases and asterisk wildcards

The site beta - located at - is available to you for testing from now until the week of 19 June (at which time the site will go live).

Who's Who in American Art

Dear Valued Customer,
I am happy to inform you that, starting Monday, June 5th, a subscription to Marquis Who’s Who on the Web will include our complete database of Who’s Who in American Art biographies – over 14,000 important men and women in today’s art world, plus notable artists from the past.

Who’s Who in American Art joins the recent addition of Who’s Who in American History as valuable additions to our online database – included FREE-OF-CHARGE – with comprehensive biographical information that is unavailable anywhere else.

The most significant changes and improvements to the database you will see include

A separate search screen for Who’s Who in American Art has been added allowing you to search for artists and other professionals by name, gender, birth year and place, keyword, and specific media such as “watercolor painters” and “stone sculptors”. Due to the unique nature of these biographies they are not included in the main database at this time.

Easy navigation to the American History and American Art databases – when you login, the main search screen opens allowing you to search among our complete database of over 1.3 million biographies (including the American History biographies). Links with supporting graphics appear on the left side to direct researchers to the American History and American Art databases

Checkbox for Current Biographies – we’ve placed a checkbox beside the name search fields on the main search screen allowing you to limit your search to living people whose biographies have been recently updated or appeared in one of our recent print volumes.

What's up with Factiva

Here is the vendor's reply to our question about folders.

Hi Dani and Helen - Factiva is an interesting beast, in that all clients get the same user interface, but depending on what market you're in, you get different content. You've already discovered that with CanWest Newspapers. Since is a company that focuses most of its efforts on corporate and legal clients, it leaves us in academic libraries with challenges.

The Track Folders were originally designed for corporate environments. In these environments everyone has their own account or every group or team shares an account. They are their own administrator(s) and set up account defaults and options. The Track Folders are then personalized for every account, which in most cases is an individual or small work team.

In an academic environment, the university shares one account by using the appropriate number of simultaneous users. All simultaneous users see the same thing because they share one account. That account in managed by an administrator.

Generally, in shared environments like your own, I have seen track folders set up that address common issues on campus. The only way to get around this is - broadcast the admin account access and password (not feasible) or have a second account set up that is used by the reference staff and one that is used by the students. I don't believe either are a good option.

Nature launches new look home page

On Wednesday 7th June, a new page design will launch at The new design applies only to the home page which offers navigation to all online content and services from Nature Publishing Group.
The home page offers clear access to NPG content published in many formats: journals, podcasts, databases, webfeeds and blogs. Visit to get quick access to news headlines, view today’s most popular searches or browse publications by subject area.
The home page also provides links to information about NPG for librarians, authors and other user groups. Be sure to visit the new Launch pad to learn about cutting-edge developments at as we experiment with new ways of maximising the web as a scientific communication medium.