Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New Muse Journal---> Tolkien Studies

Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review presents the growing body of critical commentary and scholarship on both J.R.R.Tolkien's voluminous fiction and his academic work in literary and linguistic fields. The founding editors are Douglas A. Anderson (The Annotated Hobbit), Michael D. C. Drout (Beowulf and the Critics), and Verlyn Flieger (Splintered Light: Logos and Language in Tolkien's World).

For more information about the journal:

New Muse Journal--->Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism

Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism

Aleph explores the interface between Judaism and science and studies the interactions between science and Judaism throughout history. Science is conceived broadly and includes the social sciences and the humanities. Likewise, the history of science is broadly construed within the journal's purview and includes the social and the cultural dimensions. Aleph also publishes studies on related subjects that allow a comparative view, such as the place of science in other cultures. It regularly includes full-length articles and brief communications, as well as notes on recently published books.

Aleph, which is an annual, is a joint publication of the Sidney M. Edelstein Center for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine and the Institute for Jewish Studies, both at The Hebrew University, and Indiana University Press.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New Product Announcement--->Addition to 19th C Masterfile

Paratext has received a great deal of interest in our announcement of the first installment of the 'Catalogue of Scientific Papers 1800-1900' now available online for searching in our *19th Century Masterfile.*

This first installment, now online, comprises the three (3) Subject Indexes to the original 19 volume author/title catalogues published between 1867 and 1902. Seventeen subject index volumes were planned, but only the initial three were ever completed.

These three indexes now online are:
--Mathematics (1908)
--Mechanics (1909)
--Physics (2 volumes)(1912 and 1914)

The three Subject Indexes contain English language subject headings based on the Schedules of the *International Catalogue of Scientific Literature.* The 19th Century Masterfile edition of Catalogue of Scientific Papers will include expanded journal titles, unlike the abbreviated titles in the print volumes.

Paratext is currently processing the 19 author/title volumes. As these volumes work their way through quality control and verification over the next few months, they will be added to the 19th Century Masterfile database.

We are very excited about the inclusion of this important resource for students of the history of science, technology, medicine and the history of ideas. Current and prior editions of the *Guide to Reference Books* have labeled CSP a "monumental index of first importance."

We anticipate a great deal of scholarly interest in the file and will, of course, keep you apprised of new developments. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Monday, December 20, 2004

"Libraries will survive the digital revolution because they are places of sensuality and power"

Times Online - Comment

Read this and decide if sentences like

"Or perhaps the moment came earlier yet, when my father took me into the bowels of the Bodleian in Oxford and I inhaled, for the first time, that intoxicating mixture of vellum, paper and dust"

make you laugh, feel inspired, or just sneeze.

Just don't think about inhaling in the bowels of anything for too long.

-from Arts and Letters Daily

Library Scoundrels Number One

AP Wire | 12/18/2004 | Former library employee pleads guilty to selling ancient texts

-from resourceshelf

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Enhancements Coming to Engineering Village 2

scitech library question - Enhancements Coming to EV2

-from STLQ

Christmas Fun----30 second bunny movie "Its a wonderful Life"

Bunny movie

New Muse Journal--->Women and Music

Women and Music:

A Journal of Gender and Culture, an annual journal of scholarship about women, music, and culture, is published for the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) by the University of Nebraska Press. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines and approaches, the refereed journal seeks to further the understanding of the relationships among gender, music, and culture, with special attention being given to the concerns of women. For further information about IAWM, see the membership information at the back of this issue.

For more information about the journal:

Online Document-->The Muslim World After 9/11

ResourceShelf's DocuTicker: The Muslim World After 9/11

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

New Product-->Visual Thesaurus

This can't be beat for hours of harmless fun!!

Visual Thesaurus

Creates an animated display of words and meanings - a visual representation of the English language. The Thinkmap visualization places the word in the center of the display, connected to related words and meanings. It is possible to click on these words or meanings to explore further

It isn't just Google digitzing books--->Internet Archive

Internet International Libraries and the Internet Archive collaborate to build Open-Access Text Archives

Internet Archive: Canadian Libraries

Internet Archive: Million Book Project

Links to stuff about Google Print

Google Print

University of Michigan

Harvard University

Lorcan Dempsey's weblog: More on intrastructure

Lorcan Dempsey's weblog: More on intrastructure

Links to some good stuff on this topic.

Monday, December 13, 2004

New Web Site--The Philological Museum

The Philological Museum
A site devoted to Humanistic Letters, principally British,
published under the auspices of the Shakespeare Institute
of the University of Birmingham.

The site consists of two parts:

Library of Humanistic Texts

Bibliography of Neo-Latin Texts on the Web
"... an analytic bibliography of Latin texts written during the Renaissance and later that are freely available to the general public on the Web...."

-from open access news

An Oncampus storage facility---sigh

Crowded library receives shelf space

New Storage facility for the University of Illinois

-from ResourceShelf

Google Sued Over Google Scholar Name

Google Sued Over Google Scholar Name

I hope we aren't going to be paying for this through our subscriptions.

Friday, December 10, 2004

New Web Site--->

An open-access resource for academics and practitioners working in finance and economics, physics, applied mathematics and computing. We aim to provide the single most comprehensive aggregated source for information in the broad field of quantitative finance.

Academic and Scholarly Search Engines List

Academic and Scholarly Search Enginers

"Internet MiniGuide Annotated Link Compilation white paper titled "Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources" is a 32 page research paper listing selected resources both new and existing that will help anyone who is attempting to find academic and scholarly information and knowledge available on the Internet."

-from open access

ALA | Information Literacy Standards for Science and Technology

ALA | Information Literacy Standards for Science and Technology

Here they are for what they are worth.

Stitching services into user environments - intrastructure

Lorcan Dempsey's weblog: Stitching services into user environments - intrastructure

A short very worthwhile read. Puts a perspective on recent developments.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

ALA | Alternative assessment in higher education

ALA | Alternative assessment in higher education

Between inquiry based and blended learning there is a plethora of emerging trends in higher education and assessment. This looks to be a good basic introduction to information sources online.

Researchers create tool to automatically search handwritten historical documents

Researchers create tool to automatically search handwritten historical documents

More developments on the text mining front.

Oxford English Dictionary--newsletter

December 2004 newsletter - Oxford English Dictionary

-includes an interview with the OED archivist.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

mmmm, a library toolbar what a nifty idea

Stanford Graduate School of Business: Jackson Library: Jackson IE Toolbar

-take a peek and think about this, especially in relation to Lorcan Dempseys ideas of intrastructure.

Thanks to Paul for this.

Peter Jasco's Review of Google Scholar

Gale - Free Resources - Reference Reviews - Peter's Digital Reference Shelf - December

-thoughtful critical appraisal of the Beta site.

CAUT'S freedom to publish statement

2004novfreedompublish.pdf (application/pdf Object)

"A commitment to the unfettered transmission of knowledge is a core value in the academic community. Scholarship, education and research are best served by the unconstrained sharing of information. This openness has been challenged at various times by religious, political, state and commercial interests. Today, with growing concerns about terrorism, there is a resurgence in demands for research secrecy from the state. As universities and colleges are increasingly encouraged to commercialize, pressure is also growing to accommodate the private sector need for secrecy – a need arising from a desire to deter competition, suppress negative product information or ensure patentability of research results."

-from Open Access News

Pepys' Diary as a Weblog

Pepys' Diary: About this site

What fun! Pepys' Diary as a weblog. But take a peak and see the added value, hyperlinks to more information on people and places named in the diary. (all this from the free Project Gutenburg edition). As well, readers are free to add anotations with more information or links to related sites.

-from Locan Dempsey's weblog

Problem in Compendex with SAE publications

The Indexing of SAE Publications in Compendex - The Ongoing Discussion

-from STLQ

Review of Citation Tracking on the Web

With Amazon and Google Scholar in the game, Citation Tracking is the new hot thing in web searching. Interesting to me because citation tracking, while a core strategy for all research, is often poorly supported in library designed systems. Is the web again pointing the way to true user focused design?

-an overview of Google Scholar and Amazon from Lorcan Dempsey's weblog

HubLog: TouchGraph browser for Google Scholar
This link was down last time I tried, but it is a tool for letting you graph linking between pages in Google Scholar

CiteULike Tracks Favorite Citations
I'm not sure about this one as it was a bear to set up on my computer and it doesn't do many sources. But the idea is very cool, you can marke an article you like and then get an alert if it is cited later.

Monday, December 06, 2004

The library website--comments and link to an article

Lorcan Dempsey's weblog. : The library website

Lorcan Dempsey, from OCLC has a new weblog, which often includes some good comments. Here he discusses the question of the Library web site, and links to an article by Krisellen Maloney which discusses the future of the idea of a the Library Portal as a monolithic gateway or entry point to library information.