Monday, November 29, 2004

CAUT article on why copyright reform is important to Canadian Eductional Institutions

In case you missed this in the CAUT bulletin, a good overview on the copyright issues in Canada and why educational institutions need to stop being complacent and "get in the game".

CAUT Bulletin Online - November 2004

-from Open Access News

Inspirational Article on free book service: The Give-and-Take At the Book Thing

The Give-and-Take At the Book Thing (

-from Arts and Letters Daily

Abortion Surveillance --- United States, 2001

Abortion Surveillance --- United States, 2001

Interesting to see that the Centre for Disease Control is tracking this procedure, and I was a little intimidated by the use of "Surveillance". Although they use the term for all the disease tracking they do.

-from DocuTicker

Article from U of Western Ontario-->The Library Visit Study"

-from Information Research

Another nifty open source tool---> Try Textpresso

The Scientist :: Want a Jolt of Literature? Try Textpresso!, Nov. 8, 2004

This isn't available for download yet, but it is another example of how these relatively small open source tools will enable the creation of personally customized spaces and collections with functionality far beyond a simple list of references.

To see the texpresso site directly go to

-from ResourceShelf

Short article on staff concerns re RFID tabs

Privacy Advocates Promise to Fight Electronic Tags in Library Books

Friday, November 26, 2004

Amazon gets into the citation business

Amazon gets into the citation business...

Citation tracking is key research technique, but outside of the sciences there haven't been really good tools to support it. With the advent of Google Scholar, and now the growing interest from Amazon, digital tools for this technique may become much more available for scholars in other disciplines.

-from On Google Scholar

Charleston Advisor--awards for person, product, and lemon of the year

Charleston Advisor Readers' Choice Awards

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Interesting Article---> Information problem solving by experts and novices: analysis of a complex cognitive skill

ScienceDirect - Computers in Human Behavior : Information problem solving by experts and novices: analysis of a complex cognitive skill

The difference between experts and novices in complext task domains is always fascinating....n'est pas?

Upcoming changs to Digital Dissertations interface

Complete information is now available at the PQDD Migration Information Center.

PQDT will start its phased migration to the ProQuest platform during December. The new name of the database, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, better reflects its long-standing inclusion of both master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. Master's theses contain important research and writing in many disciplines that are often overlooked.

Among the new features available in Phase 1 of the migration:

* Email alerting service when new dissertations are added in a specified subject area

* Full-text dissertations in PDF format may be downloaded and viewed without waiting for an email and PIN

* Multi-language interface

* Online usage reports

* Support for citation downloads into RefWorks and EndNote

* Interface support for text-only functionality and other ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) recommendations

* School branding and direct links back to the school library

* Cross-searching capabilities between PQDT and databases in the classic vault

Moving Beyond Metasearching: Are Wrappers the Next Big Thing

Moving Beyond Metasearching: Are Wrappers the Next Big Thing

"A student searches a ProQuest database and has found a pertinent article. That article would contain a variety of "anchors" or icons links related to the author or keywords. Clicking on the icons would lead to content in the book catalog or in other databases; a video in a digital repository; notes a local professor has added to the article; or the author's web page. It might even link to services like MapQuest or an "Ask the Expert" page.

It's simple: users don't have to think about what they're doing. And unlike federated searching Bieber claims the native power of each interface will still be maintained."

Kerry Tops Cheney: Unveils Top 10 Out-of-Print Books of 2004

-from Resourceshelf

JISC report on PDA's and education

Mobile and PDA technologies and their future use in education

"In order to assist with the process, this JISC TechWatch report aims to review the current technical situation with regard to mobile devices and then begin to map out the future directions these devices might take. Although much research has been conducted within schools on the use of PDAs to enhance education, it is more likely that future versions of smartphones (a hybrid of PDA and phone technologies) will form the basic technical platform. We review these issues from a primarily technical viewpoint, but also with respect to the educational and social issues that are raised. Despite the obvious pressure to make more use of devices that most students will possess there is little point in investing resources to develop infrastructure and support services unless there are strong educational or administrative reasons to do so."

-from ResourceShelf

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

New Product Announcement-->Snapshots North America

Snapshots North America

Sorry, no pictures :-(

"Snapshots International Ltd is the only market research company to specialize in top-line international market research overviews. The Snapshots International Series - North America of 630+ reports is designed to provide an instant overview of this geographic region, and the data is supplied in both graphical and tabular format for ease of interpretation and analysis. All data is compiled in house by the Snapdata Research Department, an international team of research experts."

New Product Announcement--->Hoover's Company Records

Hoover's Company Records

Provides up to date proprietary editorial content covering more than 40,000 public and non-public companies and 225,000 key executives. Hoover's, widely recognized as a leading provider of corporate data, delivers in depth industry analyses, information on a company's location, summary financials, top competitors, top officers, and more.

New Product Announcement--->Financial Times

Financial Times

In addition to very important business news, can you read up on Barbara Amiel's latest forays.

New Product Announcement-->OxResearch


This is a different type of product and worth checking out. Look up the World Trade Towers and see the report from September 12 showing what changes the think-tank predicted would take place.

"Provides succinct analytical articles covering world and regional economic and political developments of major significance. Evaluates issues and events within a coherent political, social, and economic framework. Contains objective, multi-disciplinary articles compiled by an extensive international network of over 1,000 faculty members at Oxford and other leading universities around the world, as well as think-tanks and institutes of international standing"

Creative Commons Unique Search Tool Now Integrated into Firefox 1.0

Creative Commons Unique Search Tool Now Integrated into Firefox 1.0

Firefox is the newest version of Mozilla, the search tool is part of the task bar and can be customized to include different search engines. Having creative commons as a standard option is a big leap for open access.

-from Resource Shelf

Google Scholar vs Native Search

Google Scholar vs Native Search

Peter Jasco's tool offers the chance to do a side by side comparison of Google Scholar and native interfaces. But be aware these searches don't include the books and open access sources Google Scholar will search when you use the full system.

-from ResourceShelf

Monday, November 22, 2004

Books that changed the world

Books that changed the world

I hope you guys are keeping up with buying these things.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Google Scholar--some key links---idea for Library Council

Welcome to the brave new world. I wonder if a library council meeting on how internet developments and applications will change our public web face and the delivery of content might not be apropo? Besides Google Scholar, I'm thinking of Furl's, RSS's, Blogs..... If you are interested let me know.

Link to Google Scholar

Resource Shelf Announcement

Article in Chronicle of Higher Education

New York Times Article

BioMed Central in Google Scholar

Friday, November 19, 2004

New JSTOR titles

Africa: Journal of the International African Institute
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 68 (1928–1998)

Asian Folklore Studies
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 57 (1942-1998)

Church History
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 67 (1932–1998)

Dance Research: The Journal of the Society for Dance Research
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 18 (1983–2000)

History of Religions*
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 42, No. 2 (1961–2002)
*At the publisher’s request, JSTOR is releasing content beyond the 5 year moving wall.

International Journal of American Linguistics*
New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 68 (1917–2002)
*At the publisher’s request, JSTOR is releasing content beyond the 5 year moving wall.

New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 28, No. 1 (1975–2002)
*At the publisher’s request, JSTOR is releasing content beyond the 5 year moving wall.

New Content: Vol. 1 – Vol. 40 (1959–1998)

New Product Announcement--->Gender Studies Online

The Gender Studies Database (GSD) combines NISC's popular Women's Studies International, Men's Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies databases with relevant contributions from the Child Development & Adolescent Studies as well as Family & Society Studies Worldwide databases. GSD covers the spectrum of gender engaged scholarship inside and outside academia. Links to freely available and indexed full-text articles and documents on the web are available. Several hundred links provide access to carefully selected websites.

Interesting web sites--->Tools for Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

Tools for Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

"...EEVL is now making availabe FOUR specialized databases that provide access to full-text ejournal material. Here's a rundown:

+ The Computing database searches the content of 60 freely available full-text ejournals in computing.

+ The math database searches the content of 28 freely available full-text ejournals in mathematics.

+ Engineering searches the content of 160 freely available full-text ejournals in engineering.

+ The last one, searches the content of all 250 freely available full text ejournals in engineering, mathematics and computing.

If you would like to review a listing of the publications available, it's also available. Included in the mix are trade journals, house journals and even some peer-reviewed journals.

Finally, we can't mention Roddy MacLeod without pointing out that his work and dedication has been (and continues to be) an inspiration and motivator to the ResourceShelf and DocuTicker team.

See Also: On a somewhat related note, don't foget that OAISTER is a wonderful, powerful, and free database containing scholarly material on the open web. Is some/all of this material in Yahoo and Google? The answer is yes. However, the native OAISTER interface offers many powerful search options not available from G and Y."

-from ResourceShelf

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Faith-Based Encyclopedia--article on the quality of entries in the Internet Encyclopedia

The Faith-Based Encyclopedia

The Interpedia is an online encyclopedia with entries created and edited by volunteers. This is an interesting review of how this approach affects the quality and stability of the source.

Article on Copyright--->Protecting ourselves to death

Protecting ourselves to death

A very readable article on the rhetoric of copyright discussions in Canada. Some good insights on how the debate is framed in terms of culture and heritage.

Monday, November 15, 2004

New Muse Journal---->Canadian Modern Language Review


The Canadian Modern Language Review publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of language learning and teaching - linguistics, language skills, curriculum, program design, psychology, methodology - making this a great tool for teachers, researchers, professors and policy makers who deal with the realities of second language learning. Article topics range from ESL, to French immersion, to international languages, to native languages. The journal's quarterly issues include reviews of relevant books and software, along with research-based articles dealing with second language teaching in the "Focus on the Classroom' section.

New Open Access Site-->Science Commons

Science Commons

"The mission of Science Commons is to encourage scientific innovation by making it easier for scientists, universities, and industries to use literature, data, and other scientific intellectual property and to share their knowledge with others. Science Commons works within current copyright and patent law to promote legal and technical mechanisms that remove barriers to sharing."

-from resourceshelf

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

New Free Source--->Historical Statistics of the United States

Historical Statistics of the United States - Colonial Times to 1970

-from DocuTicker

Article on RSS Feeds in Libraries


"Abstract: Examines RDF Site Summary, or Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds, a means of distributing news or other Web content from an online publisher to users. Outlines RSS background and XML-based structure. Explains feed readers and web-based content aggregators, the two chief tools used for reading RSS feeds. Lists some advantages of RSS use and some reputable RSS feed sources, also known as RSS feed directories. Offers suggestions on potential library uses of RSS including: general communications and marketing; library user education (via book lists); current awareness services (via table of contents analysis for journals); and, augmenting of reference services."

-from Catablog

Monday, November 08, 2004

Article on CLIR initiative to use humanists as librarians

Library Journal - Just Another Field?

Critical article on the initiative from CLIR to enlist Humanists as academic librarians. It employs a post doc fellowship in lieu of an MLS.

-from ResourceShelf

Technology to deliver reference over cell phones

Reference by SMS

"Reference by SMS" is an exciting new service designed specifically to allow libraries to expand their reference delivery methods to include SMS, the mobile phone text messaging system so popular with the youth of today. Your clients can use this service to contact the library no matter where they are - for example they can use it to ask for assistance at a library computer carousel, without having to relinquish the computer, or move all their gear to a reference desk."

-from Library Blog

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

B.C. review of impact of patriot act on the privacy of Canadians

Patriot Act Report

Includes a link to the full (150 page) report. I've printed a copy of this for myself in case anyone wants to see.

Here is a link to the 13 page summary.

Earlier this year the Information and Privacy Commissioner invited submissions on two questions relating to possible implications of the USA Patriot Act for outsourcing of public services by public bodies in British Columbia.

-from ResourceShelf

EBSCO Adding Full-Text Conference Papers

EBSCO Adding Full-Text Conference Papers

EBSCO Publishing has entered into an agreement with All Academic, Inc. that will provide researchers with access to a collection of full-text conference papers from scholarly societies. The partnership with All Academic will bring nearly 25,000 full-text conference papers into appropriate EBSCOhost databases including Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, and Communication & Mass Media Complete. The companies anticipate that approximately 20,000 records will be added to EBSCOhost databases on an annual basis beginning in 2005.

-from STLQ

Monday, November 01, 2004

Nature Journals offer RSS Feed


By David Bigwood

Here is a publisher who gets it.

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is pleased to announce the completion of the current phase of its RSS newsfeed collection which delivers tables of content for its journals and other timely information to scientists' desktops. This crop of newsfeeds covers the non-Nature-branded titles and complements our existing RSS offerings for the Nature-branded titles. Specifically the newsfeeds deliver information about NPG's Advanced Online Publication (AOP) series and announce articles published online ahead of being published in an archival issue. As with NPG's existing newsfeeds, this new batch of RSS newsfeeds comes with rich metadata. The titles covered by the new release are:

* Bone Marrow Transplantation
* British Journal of Cancer
* Cancer Gene Therapy
* Cell Death and Differentiation
* The EMBO Journal
* EMBO Reports
* European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
* European Journal of Human Genetics
* Eye
* Genes and Immunity
* Gene Therapy
* Heredity
* International Journal of Impotence Research
* International Journal of Obesity
* Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology
* Journal of Human Hypertension
* Journal of Perinatology
* Laboratory Investigation
* Leukemia
* Modern Pathology
* Molecular Psychiatry
* Neuropsychopharmacology
* Oncogene
* The Pharmacogenomics Journal
* Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases
* Spinal Cord

See for a complete listing of all Nature newsfeeds, as well as a brief introduction to the advantages of using RSS. Additionally the listing of newsfeeds is accessible as an OPML file to facilitate the ready import of NPG newsfeeds into RSS newsreaders. A master RSS newsfeed of all NPG newsfeeds is also available for alerting subscribers to new NPG newsfeeds.

These newsfeeds are all based on the RSS 1.0 format which builds on the W3C Resource Description Framework and allows rich metadata (both PRISM and Dublin Core) to be included at both the channel and item level. Linking to the article full text is effected using industry-standard mechanisms for persistent linking: DOI and CrossRef.

That's a lot of structured metadata. As metadata specialists maybe we should be doing something useful with it. Maybe the jake folks could use it? Just musing?