Thursday, April 22, 2010

New: Nursing Reference Center

In-depth content covering conditions and diseases, patient education resources, drug information, continuing education, lab & diagnosis detail, best practice guidelines, and much more.

(paid for by Calgary Campus and Qatar Faculties of Nursing)

Monday, April 05, 2010

New: State Papers Online. Tudors. State Papers Foreign

Reproduces the original historical manuscripts in facsimile linking each manuscript to its corresponding fully-searchable Calendar entry.

By overcoming the challenge of matching an individual Calendar entry to the original Paper, State Papers Online 1509-1714 marks an enormous advance in historical research.

New: 19th C UK Periodicals Empire

Periodicals illustrating the topic of Empire including travel, anthropology, economics, missionary work and colonialism.

Content from the British Library, the National Library of Scotland,the National Library of Australia, and many other sources.

For the over 180 periodicals currently available, every front page, editorial, article, poem, recipe, advertisement and classified ad that appeared within their pages for the time period available will be easily accessible from what is a virtual chronicle of history for this period. Users of the database will be able to search every word on every page.