Thursday, February 28, 2008

Knovel Upgrades

Acting upon extensive user feedback, we are introducing the first of a series of enhancements to our online product. A new release of Knovel will become available on Monday, February 25th and will feature usability enhancements including cleaner interface designs, more efficient navigation, simpler search refinement and improved browse capabilities. We’re confident these enhancements will help you gain even more productivity from Knovel.

ArtStor Updates: Modern and Fine Art

The Phillips Collection to contribute images of modern art to ARTstor
The Phillips Collection will be represented in ARTstor with 1,200 images of Modern and Contemporary art from around the world. Located in Washington, D.C., the Phillips Collection was founded in 1921 and is the first museum of Modern art in the United States.

Collaborative agreement with the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College
The Cornell Fine Arts museum at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida will contribute 60 images of American and European prints and paintings to ARTstor.

Final images added to the Modern Latin American Art Collection
ARTstor and the Art and Art History Department at the University of Texas, Austin have collaborated on a project to digitize and distribute approximately 4,700 teaching slides from Professor Jacqueline Barnitz’s collection. This second release of nearly 800 images completes the collection.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Product Announcement-->International Pharmaceutical Abstracts

International Pharmaceutical Abstracts

In their never ending quest to make sure we are well equipped for self diagnosis and self medication those wacky guys in HSL bring you a new medical db.

Produced in co-operation with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists International Pharmaceutical Abstracts includes 30 years of in-depth indexed reference to the world pharmacy (in the broadest sense) literature; plus, related health, medical, cosmetic journals, and state pharmacy journals; abstracts of presentations at major pharmacy meetings are also included. IPA is unique in its coverage-no other service provides this. The numerous references to alternative and herbal medicine (over 10,000 references) are an example of this unique coverage.

Monday, February 11, 2008

600 Journals Added To Scopus

Elsevier has added another 600 titles to their abstract and citation database, Scopus. They say that Scopus already covers 15,000 journals so this addition must put them at 15,6000 or thereabouts; certainly a hefty figure however you count it. In contrast, Web of Science presently treats only about 8,700 journals; that being said, the two aren't quite the same thing and they have different guidelines for inclusion but I the differences are blurring and likely don't mean much to many users.

The list of newly added journals can be found at It's a mixed bag of titles, from many subjects and publishers.

The complete announcement can be found at

Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Product Announcement-->Theatre in Video (Arts, Cultural History)

Theatre in video

Many thanks to Cindy who has been patiently waiting for this one to come along.

I expect we will see more and more of these new digital products that incorporate video, images, and/or sound. While we test these products for deliverability and compatibility, be sure to let ITS know if you experience persistent bandwidth problems.

That being said, this is tons of fun with more Shakespeare than you can shake a spear at.

Wilson Interface Upgrade....Finally!

Come on guys, you have to admit the full text translation could be an "interesting" feature. Anyone want to take a look and report back?

The new Wilsonweb CX Edition is packed with features to enhance your search experience. To help you and your patrons get the most out of CX, we're offering free WilsonWeb CX Training Events, conducted live over the internet with WebEx web meeting software.

Register at
WilsonWeb CX Training Events Sessions start at 2 p.m. EST and last about an hour.
l Thursday, February 7
l Thursday, February 14
l Thursday, February 21
l Thursday, February 28
All are welcome. Registration closes an hour before the start of each session. Questions? Dan Firrincili, 800-367-6770, ext. 3691,

Learn more about WilsonWeb CX Edition!

* "Frameless" Interface--for faster loading, and better integration with the frames of your institution's website.

* Enhanced Layout & Graphics: Clearer screens and more accessible tools, for quicker, more intuitive searching.

* Navigational Improvements: New Full Text, Page Image, and Peer Reviewed tabs in results let you isolate those records at a click. In Full Display mode, you can now also choose between scrolling through results or clicking from record to record--navigating the way you find most comfortable.

* Simplified Print, Email & Save functions: New links let you capture complete bibliographic information, abstract, and full text (if available) right from the article record.

* Simplified Search History screen allows you to more handily review, update, combine and organize saved searches, and receive new information on any search in email alerts.

* Full text translations: Electronic conversion of articles into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.