Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Product Announcement-->Waterloo directory of English newspapers and periodicals, 1800-1900

Waterloo directory of English newspapers and periodicals, 1800-1900

Here is a directory to the largest single body of historical documents arising out of nineteenth century England at the height of the British Empire. This empire was by some measures the most powerful and influential in the history of civilization: she held sway over the largest land mass and the greatest proportion of the world’s people. Having become in the 19^th century one of the most literate of all societies, England established the Victorian periodical and newspaper press as a primary vehicle of participatory democracy. The /Directory /provides a more comprehensive, detailed and useful bibliographical record (including Locations and facsimile Title Pages) than we yet have for printed books, government publications or manuscripts of the century. It is subject-comprehensive, intending to include every periodical and newspaper published on a regular basis, from daily to annually, in every language, within England: a goldmine for cultural historians, genealogists and all subject specialists. Newspapers and periodicals were more than one-hundred-fold the volume and readership of printed books.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Changes to Business & Company Resource Center

1) The addition of 35 new investment report providers from the Reuters Research on Demand collection, including: ASK Raymond James & Associates Ltd., Ibersecurities, Standard & Poor's Outlook and many more!

These reports diversify the quality investment resources available.

Over 1.5 million reports are available in BCRC with a 3-year rolling backfile

2) A new & improved "Financials Tab" that transforms static and non-exportable data into data that is dynamic, easy to analyze and easy to export Now you can:

Analyze a company across time

Compare a company's financials to their competitors, or choose specific companies to compare

Review annual or interim financial information, looking back up to 6 years or 5 interim periods

Export the data

New Interface-->MLA International Bibliography via CSA

CSA url for MLA international bibliography:

This is in addition to our existing link via ProQuest. Because of the partnership between CSA and ProQuest there was no additional cost to adding the link.

New Product Announcement-->Natural & Alternative Treatments (replaces Evidence Based Complementary Medicine)

Natural & Alternative Treatments

Natural & Alternative Treatments contains detailed information on more than 180 different conditions and the conventional and natural treatments used to treat them, over 200 herbs and supplements, plus drug-herb and drug-supplement interactions for more than 75 drug categories.

Credo Reference New Content

Latest Additions
Handbook of Forensic Psychology
Black's Veterinary Dictionary, A&C Black in Medicine
Elsevier's Dictionary of Psychological Theories in Philosophy & Psychology
Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences, Elsevier in Social Sciences
Handbook of Forensic Psychology: Resource for Mental Health and Legal Professionals, Elsevier in Philosophy & Psychology
Handbook of Vegetable Pests, Elsevier in Science
International Handbook of Giftedness and Talent, Elsevier in Philosophy & Psychology
Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary: Completing the Twentieth Century, Harvard University Press in Biography
Word Origins: The Hidden Histories of English Words from A to Z, A&C Black in Language

We're updating many of our titles to the latest available editions. The following updated titles were recently released. Expect more soon!

New Artstor Content (Bodleian, Classical Sculpture, Pre Columbian, Architecture, Islamic Art)

Collection release: Manuscripts and Early Printed Books (Bodleian Library, University of Oxford)
The Bodleian Library of the University of Oxford and ARTstor announce the release of 25,000 high–quality images digitized from the Bodleian Library's outstanding collection of Medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts.

Additional images added to Classical Sculptures (Berlin State Museums)
ARTstor has added 120 new images to the Classical Sculptures (Berlin State Museums) collection. Now including more than 400 images, this collection focuses on the unique Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman sculptures housed at the Pergamon Museum and at Karl Friedrich Schinkel's landmark Altes Museum.

Additional images from Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archives
ARTstor has released approximately 3,500 additional images from the Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archives. These high–quality images, scanned from large–format color transparencies, focus on key European artists and collections from major European museums outside Italy.

Images of Pre–Columbian objects and sites from the Moreen O'Brien Maser Memorial Collection (Skidmore College)
Images from the Moreen O'Brien Maser Memorial Collection (Skidmore College) are now available in ARTstor. The collection includes approximately 800 images of Pre–Columbian objects and sites from the Southwest United States, Central America, South America, Europe, and Egypt.

Warburg Institute to contribute images of Renaissance and Baroque book illustrations to ARTstor
The Warburg Institute will contribute approximately 10,000 images of Renaissance and Baroque book illustrations to the ARTstor Digital Library. The images will be selected from the rare book collection housed at the Warburg Institute Library.

Collaborative agreement with University of Texas at Austin: Wang and Long Archives

ARTstor is collaborating with the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin to distribute more than 600 images of modern European and American architecture. The images will be digitized from slides housed in the School of Architecture's Visual Resources Collection and created by two of its faculty members, Wilfried Wang and Christopher Long.

Upcoming Collection: Pattern in Islamic Art (David Wade)
David Wade has partnered with ARTstor to distribute approximately 1,500 images of Islamic art in the Digital Library. These images illustrate patterns and design features found throughout the Islamic world, from the Middle East and Europe to Central and South Asia.

New Content in World Development Indicators

One of the major changes is that WDI Online now has 854 indicators available for 209 economies and 18 groups from 1960 to 2007, where data are available. This is an increase of over 100 indicators from 2007!

The other major change in the data is that we are no longer showing a combined entry for Serbia and Montenegro, these are now shown separately. Please note however, for Serbia, some indicators, such as those series for which data appear only for Serbia and not Montenegro--e.g. aid, environment, external debt, balance of payments, various social indicators excluding population--continue to include data for Montenegro through 2005.

For your reference, click here to view the new series list, plus the additions/deletions/changes from the previous version. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the changes.

Linked subject headings in Project Muse

Users of Project MUSE articles and Tables of Contents in our recently-launched new format may have noticed an additional feature - "clickable" subject headings for each article, allowing fast and easy connections to related content in Project MUSE. Built upon the rich controlled vocabulary classification of all MUSE articles and reviews with Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) by our in-house professional
cataloging staff, this new functionality quickly connects scholars to additional relevant content to enhance their research.