Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New product announcement--> WRDS (Wharton Research Data Service) (Finance, Markets, Economics)

WRDS (Wharton Research Data Service)

IP access is only available from Scurfield Hall. To access WRDS from other locations University of Calgary Faculty and Ph.d. students may apply for individual accounts by contacting the Business Library or the Maps, Academic Data, Geographic Information Centre.

Wharton Research Data Services, or WRDS, is a comprehensive web-based data management system that allows faculty and students to easily retrieve information from a wide variety of financial, economic, and marketing data sources. WRDS is best known for its holdings of historical financial data from CRSP and COMPUSTAT. This data covers over 30,000 companies and includes security prices and trading volume, income and balance sheet items. Provides access to IBES' analyst projections for earnings and sales. WRDS also contains stock market indices, bond prices and interest rates, mutual fund and stock ownership information, options data, and a wide array of macroeconomic time series. International data, marketing and industry reports, and web usage data are also available on WRDS.

Gale announces updates to Literature Criticism Online!

Gale is pleased to announce a new release of Literature Criticism Online, which brings a variety of new features to this digitized collection of Gale's major criticism. The ten individual, award-winning Gale series that comprise Literature Criticism Online present a range of modern and historical views on authors and their works across regions, eras and genres. Imagine centuries of analysis - the scholarly and popular commentary from broadsheets, pamphlets, encyclopedias, books and periodicals - delivered in an easy format that matches the exact look and feel of the print originals.

In response to customer feedback, the following new features are now live to current users of the database:
* Browse Topics - access 600+ topical entries easily through our new alpha-browse feature, with new entries added regularly.
* Updated indexing in "Browse Works" and "Browse Authors" - deep cross-referencing found in Gale's Literary Index is now integrated within Literature Criticism Online.
* Titles Discussed - works entries include links to all relevant pages that discuss a related title within any given essay - extreme cross-referencing at work.
* Updated language - intuitive "Inside this Entry" and "Inside this Volume" links provide easily understood directions for exploring volumes and entries.
* Updated design to Print/View PDFs - page limits reduce the amount of loading time (and printer paper) for patrons who want more than just a two-page spread.
* Hit-Term Highlighting and Relevant Pages now available for Keyword searches - originally active in full-text searches, this has now been applied to keyword searches, too.
* New design for navigating to Relevant Pages - find your search terms easily by navigating directly to relevant pages with the click of a mouse.
* Cleaner InfoMarks for document Source Citations - links are more readily recognized in bibliographies, coursepacks, social bookmarking sites and more.

Some additional basic changes in Literature Criticism Online will have a MAJOR effect on how relevancy and currency are perceived within the database. By changing the Basic Search default index from "Full-text" to "Keyword" and changing the default sort from "Publication Date Ascending" to "Publication Date Descending", users will find the most up-to-date entries and relevant keyword search results at their fingertips, without changing anything other than their search terms!

Coming this Fall, Literature Criticism Online will become cross-searchable with two other major digitization efforts -- Something About the Author and the Dictionary of Literary Biography. These major sets are considered the premier publications in literary reference, bringing unsurpassed volumes of biographical content, images and commentary on all the major authors covered in Literature Criticism Online and beyond.

For more information, please contact your local sales rep: http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?rtr=on&s=4rs,1260j,2j24,mbxc,b507,a39k,kbqs

To sign up for a free Webinar, visit: http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?rtr=on&s=4rs,1260j,2j24,do6i,24uh,a39k,kbqs

Centre For Research Libraries newsletter-->Manhattan Project

The Fall 2008 issue of FOCUS on Global Resources highlights CRL resources that support research and teaching on early atomic science, in particular the Manhattan Project and development of the first atomic bomb. The issue features a Claremont Graduate University historian’s perspective on some newly digitized CRL collections, with links to those collections.

To view this and past issues of FOCUS, visit: http://www.crl.edu/focus/toc.asp

To download FOCUS in PDF format, go to: http://www.crl.edu/PDF/pdfFocus/Fall08.pdf

Earthscape to Cease Publication

We would like to take this moment to thank University of Calgary for its
support of the Columbia Earthscape site. You have helped us focus the
awareness of scholars and students on many vital environmental issues
affecting our planet.

As indicated last week, Earthscape will cease operations on June 30,
2009. While we can no longer update this site with new content, we
will maintain the current information through June 30, 2009.

We appreciate your commitment to and interest in the Columbia Earthscape

Kind regards,