Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Changes to Ebscohost

These enhancements are scheduled for release over the course of the week.

* Embargo Information on Journal Alerts - Journal Alerts will include any embargo information that is available for a specific title. When a Journal Alert is created, the embargo information for that title will be displayed in the title of the alert. This will be present in both the e-mail of results, and on the Journal Alerts section of My EBSCOhost.

* Changes to Search Alerts - Users can choose either a brief or detailed citation for each Search Alert result, and whether access to EBSCOhost will be available after an alert is read.

* Publication Authority File Searching changes - Users will be able to search directly on the Subject, or the Subject and Description of a journal.

* Publication Detail for titles with name changes - Over time, the name of a publication may change. For example, Problems of Economic Transition was first published in 1965 as Problems of Economics, then in 1992 as Problems of Economic Transition. Currently, each title is listed separately in the Publication Authority File. EBSCOhost will now display the title's current name, and include any title names changes within the detailed display. A user can choose to view all issues for the various name changes, or just the issues for the current name. For example, using Problems of Economic Transition, All Issues would display from 1965 through the present, and Current Issue Only would display issues from 1992 through the present.

* Direct Export to RefWorks - From within the EBSCOhost Save Manager, users will be able to export records directly to RefWorks. For more information about RefWorks, in relation to EBSCOhost, Click here.

* Proximity Expander Rewording - The Include all search terms by default expander will be clarified to read: Automatically "And" search terms. Customers whose administrators who have customized the expander label will not be affected by this change.

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