Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Jennifer's comments on the New WOS Interface

I just had a quick look at the new upgrades for Web of Science, and some of them are pretty neat. My favourites:

1. Citation alerts - track specific articles so that you get an e-mail alert when they are cited. Great for the annual report.

2. The Related Records feature now tells you how many citations a paper has in common with the original paper AND tells you which ones they are too.

3. A wee "Change settings" button near the top right that allows one to toggle open/close the database choices. No more having to go back to the home page to select the index or years.

We can now group results by things like institution (though it doesn't go down to departmental level) or author. There are also a few new indexes where you can just click to add search terms. Plus, the navigation is a lot easier too!

One minus: there's a lot less purple on the site now. They've gone with beige! :) At first glance it does look very different although the functions are still more or less where they used to be.
Also for those of us still using/unwilling to let go of older versions of Netscape, here's another product that needs IE or newer Netscape versions.


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