Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pychinfo new feature--->Cited Reference Searching

Dear Ovid Customer,

We are pleased to announce that PsycINFO will be reloaded on Ovid on or around March 2nd.

With this reload we are introducing links from the Cited References to the associated PsycINFO bibliographic record. Not only will PsycINFO users have the opportunity to view the references for indexed materials, they will now be able to extend their research with direct links to the bibliographic records for many of these sources. Cited reference searching can also be an effective means of expanding the scope of a literature search to find additional relevant articles that may have been missed in a standard subject search.

The PsycINFO reload will contain an update to the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms that includes the addition of 200 terms and 123 cross-referenced terms from such topic areas as Neuropsychology, Educational Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Psychometrics, Artificial Intelligence, and Treatment. Some of the new primary or cross referenced terms include: Acute Stress Disorder, Bullying, Cognitive Science, Distance Education, Grounded Theory, Online Therapy, Polymorphism, Procedural Justice, Religious Fundamentalism, and Social Loafing.

Another enhancement is the addition of unpublished test names to the Test & Measures field. As a reminder, the Test & Measures field does not indicate which tests are included as part of the article, but rather the tests that were used to conduct the research. To increase the richness of the data in the Test & Measures field, PsycINFO is retrospectively "mapping" some frequently occurring test and measure names to older, database records. This enhancement will increase the number of results that are retrieved when searching the Test & Measures field.

Other changes with the reload include a new All Journals limit that captures all titles, both peer reviewed and other journals; the enhancement of the PsycARTICLES limit to specified ISSNs and publication years; the ability to search for cited reference publishers and DOIs; as well as the ability to search for the electronic ISSNs (as a separate index).

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