Friday, June 17, 2005

Upcoming Changes to Silverplatter Interface

Upgrades are coming in Mid-July

The Preview Site represents a “live environment” where you and your users can log in and see your subscribed content in the new WebSPIRS interface. As well as an updated look and cleaner display of limits and indexes, you will discover three new features to support end users:

I had to cobble together the link for the preview site so I've only done one for Social Work Abstracts. You can navigate to the other databases from this link.

New Features include:

Direct Export
Export citations to RefWorks®, EndNote® and ProCite® - and soon Reference Manager

Find Citation
Quickly locate the citation you need using reference information, even if it'’s incomplete

Find Similar
Identify articles that are similar in coverage

The Resource Center is your main source for all related information including a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), training schedules and materials, screen shots, announcements, and much more. As new materials become available, they will be posted to this site meaning you'll be the first to access the new online tutorial, quick reference cards, and end-user guides.

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