Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Product Announcement-->History Resource Centre : World

History resource center. World

I hope no one is getting too wigged out over all the announcements, they should slow down in number soon. If you are feeling tense there is a prize at the bottom of the message.

HRC is bit of a departure for us, as it is as much a teaching aide as it is a content repository. Read on....

The History Resource Center: World combines Gale's proprietary reference content, from imprints such as Gale Group, Macmillan Library Reference, and Charles Scribner's Son, with Primary Source Microfilm original documents, from collections such as Churchill at War, History of Women, and The Middle East from the Rise of Islam.

Along with these resources, History Resource Center: World provides seamless access to the full-text from over 100 periodicals and 1400 maps and images. The content supports a core list of approximately 90 essential topics that appear in textbooks and syllabi within the typical undergraduate World History curriculum. The History Resource Center: World also includes a graphical Chronology covering events in arts, science, politics, and society from 1900 to the present.

The primary purpose of the History Resource Center: World is to provide students, their teachers, and library patrons with a single place to begin researching the vast topic of world history from B.C. to the present. Search results are categorized into six categories, allowing students to focus on the information, not on which database is most suited for a particular search.

Several search paths have been designed to facilitate the research process. With a dataset as vast as that in the History Resource Center: World, search paths geared toward specific interests are essential to assist the user in locating desired information. The following search paths offer the user various approaches to discovering information:

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