Wednesday, September 27, 2006 verdict is in we're keeping the subscription

I asked if we thought the public version of Worldcat would replace our subscribed version or Worldcat.

The comments were

I prefer our licensed verion of WorldCat
- PLEASE, keep our WordCat!!

- I too think that we should continue our WorldCat subscription
and don't think that it's necessary to have a link in the
Research Databases list.

- We definitely should continue to pay for a subscription
to WorldCat.


"Although the basic identifying information you'll find on
this Web site can fulfill most needs, WorldCat at your
library includes *extra features such as advanced search
and "similar items" capabilities, as well as published
reviews and excerpts to help you better evaluate an item."

*We have a link to worldcat.og from the catalogue.
I don't think we need a link from the Research Databases list.

- There's only one thing to do. Put 'em on notice!

i'll put my two cents in. the free version appears
to have a more simplified search interface which
could pose problems for some types of searching.

i also noticed that there is no bibliographic
info export/download feature on worldcat.
some researchers use this database to locate
grey literature and other studies to support
their research work and it is valuable to
have a means of saving the results of
these searches into a bibliographic software
program so not having an export option could
be an issue for some.

- A tool which only locates near copies is
of next to no value to our students. I
recommend WorldCat for checking historical
references, missing info in citations and
as a subject searching tool. I expect that
you can do all of these with W.o . I did
see the subject headings in the brief record.

I think the initial display is much too
simple and not helpful to the grads and
faculty who do use the REAL worldcat.

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