Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Product Announcement-->MD Consults Clinics

MD Consult link changed

Separate record not created for the Full Clinics Series Package.

Based this on following information from Elsevier:
"Accessing the eClinics. The eClinics are accessible through your MD Consult subscription. On the main MD Consult navigation bar, a new Clinics tab will appear. Clicking on the Clinics tab, the Advanced Search box for Clinics is presented and the eClinics will be searchable as a separate content area, similar to the MD Consult Journal search. In addition, clicking the Clinics tab will display a hyperlinked list of available eClinics packages and titles.

The eClinics may also be accessed directly by going to the eClinics site at: "

SFX - Clinics target activated; however, only journal level linking available. Still waiting for SFX to respond regarding MD Consult core service targets.

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