Tuesday, October 02, 2007

WilsonWeb Interface Changing

Dear WilsonWeb Subscriber,

We're pleased to announce that WilsonWeb 3.0--the next generation of WilsonWeb--is on course for January '08 release! We're now making finishing touches, and invite your input as a Beta tester (October 2007).

WilsonWeb 3.0 will feature:

A Frameless Interface--for even faster loading, and better integration with your institution's website.

Enhanced Layout & Graphics: Clearer screens and more accessible tools, for quicker, more intuitive searching.

Navigational Improvements: New Full Text, Page Image, and Peer Reviewed tabs in results let you isolate those records at a click. In Full Display mode, you can now also choose between scrolling through results or clicking from record to record--navigating the way you find most comfortable.

Simplified Print, Email & Save functions: New buttons--Save This, Email This, and Print This--capture not just the citation, but also any available full text, saving a step. You can also use the Print Email Save button in the banner for simplified and complete functionality as well.

Simplified Search History screen allows you to more handily review, update, combine and organize saved searches, and receive new information on any search in email alerts.

Full text translations: Electronic conversion of articles into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean.

Database Enhancements: New looks for Biography Reference Bank, Art Museum Image Gallery, Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus, and Current Issues in Health offer more immediate access to essential information, better navigation, and suggestions for related searches.

We'd like your input! To become a 3.0 beta tester, register at www.hwwilson.com/wilsonweb_ng_beta/wilsonweb_beta_volunteer.htm. You can also view WilsonWeb 3.0 sample screens at www.hwwilson.com/Documentation/WilsonWeb/frameless.htm.

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