Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Product Announcement-->Encyclopedia of Judaism (Brill Online)

Encyclopaedia of Judaism

This new edition of The Encyclopaedia of Judaism nearly doubles the original 3-volume edition in size. It includes fifty-two previously unpublished entries (approximately half a million words) in addition to the entries from the two separately published supplementary volumes. The project now is comprised by more than 225 entries, two and a half million words. Alongside the many gaps in the initial The Encyclopaedia of Judaism that the new entries fill, bibliographies have been updated for all the entries. The result is that this new edition presents what we conceive to be the authoritative consensus of the present age of learning in the humanities and social sciences upon fundamental issues of Judaism. Indeed, this collection of systematic topical expositions shows how the religion, Judaism, is to be presented in the setting of the study of religions.

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