Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Product Announcement-->Waterloo directory of English newspapers and periodicals, 1800-1900

Waterloo directory of English newspapers and periodicals, 1800-1900

Here is a directory to the largest single body of historical documents arising out of nineteenth century England at the height of the British Empire. This empire was by some measures the most powerful and influential in the history of civilization: she held sway over the largest land mass and the greatest proportion of the world’s people. Having become in the 19^th century one of the most literate of all societies, England established the Victorian periodical and newspaper press as a primary vehicle of participatory democracy. The /Directory /provides a more comprehensive, detailed and useful bibliographical record (including Locations and facsimile Title Pages) than we yet have for printed books, government publications or manuscripts of the century. It is subject-comprehensive, intending to include every periodical and newspaper published on a regular basis, from daily to annually, in every language, within England: a goldmine for cultural historians, genealogists and all subject specialists. Newspapers and periodicals were more than one-hundred-fold the volume and readership of printed books.

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