Friday, September 05, 2008

New Product Announcement-->RefAware


RefAware – a web-based current awareness service. Providing one source for a
variety of research data, RefAware constantly scours the internet for the latest information and automatically delivers newly found data. By harnessing the speed and accessibility of the internet, RefAware provides a comprehensive, up-to-the minute picture of today’s global

Basically an alerting service. Take some time to explore this'll need to set up an account. Why buy this when so many journals and packages offer alerting services as well...mostly because we are looking for tools that help users avoid repetitive stop shopping. Still, with only 8,000 journals on its list I won't be deleting any of my existing alerts right away....we'll have to see. By you guys using the product and getting responses from faculty we'll be able to give the vendor good feedback.

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