Friday, November 21, 2008

New Product: Vault Online (Career Planning)

Vault's Online Career Library is the union of our in-depth printed and online content. It includes essential industry information synthesized with specific, insider company reports which are of particular interest to students and professionals, normally available only by individual subscription.

* Downloadable Vault Career Guides - PDF Versions of Vault's full-length best-selling books presented in their entirety.
* Insider Company Snapshots -Over 4,000 carefully researched, balanced, and continually updated company profiles
* Career Advice Articles - More than 3,000 exclusive articles, the largest online career advice hub of its kind, covering four main categories.
* Industry Overviews - Detailed accounts which bring users inside top industries, from investment management to manufacturing. Find out skills needed to succeed, career path, salary ranges, industry outlook and more.
* Occupational Profiles - Include real quotes from current professionals and detail specific job functions, uppers and downers in a given occupation, career path and salary data.
* Vault Video - Vault's 50+ Insider Videos focus on general job search and interview advice, how to score top internships, advice from Vault's own editors, and workplace diversity.
* Electronic WaterCooler message boards more! - The first and most popular forum for students and job–seekers online to get the real scoop from real people. With over 3 million message board postings, Vault's WaterCooler message boards connect job-seekers and working professionals.

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