Wednesday, October 27, 2004

More on upcoming changes to Cambridge Interface

CSA is in the final stages of preparing to release our new online platform, CSA Illumina. The service, which will replace the existing CSA Internet Database Service, features a totally new user interface as well as enhanced search capabilities.

CSA has received a great deal of valuable feedback from users accessing the preview version of CSA Illumina . We are fine-tuning certain features on the CSA Illumina service as a result of the feedback.

In mid-November we will officially release the CSA Illumina service. It will be available in parallel with the current Internet Database Service (IDS) platform and administrators may switch their institutions' accounts to the new CSA Illumina service at this time, should they wish to do so. The IDS platform will be phased out at the end of January 2005.

The transition to the new interface will be seamsless for the user. Login links, usernames and passwords, and database availability will remain the same on CSA Illumina as on IDS. If you need a reminder of your username and password, please contact; if you have any technical questions about the transition, please do not hesitate to contact

We will send subsequent messages to advise you of the specific dates when CSA Illumina is available.

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