Friday, October 01, 2004

Update on ERIC

New ERIC Database
A redesigned system opened to the public with access the existing ERIC bibliographic database (1966-2004).

This also has accesss to ERIC documents--this marks the end of E*subscribe, full text documents are now available through the ERIC interface above.

At this point SFX does not support linking through to documents in the New ERIC. Students are sent to a re-direct page that will take them to the New ERIC, but not directly to the document.

Embedded (non SFX) links to documents still worked in Ovid/Silverplatter and OCLC versions of ERIC.

ERIC will begin adding new bibliographic records and full-text journal and non-journal resources from 2004.

Newly indexed materials that are not available free-of-charge will be made accessible through database links to commercial sources.

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