Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New Product Announcement--->Addition to 19th C Masterfile

Paratext has received a great deal of interest in our announcement of the first installment of the 'Catalogue of Scientific Papers 1800-1900' now available online for searching in our *19th Century Masterfile.*

This first installment, now online, comprises the three (3) Subject Indexes to the original 19 volume author/title catalogues published between 1867 and 1902. Seventeen subject index volumes were planned, but only the initial three were ever completed.

These three indexes now online are:
--Mathematics (1908)
--Mechanics (1909)
--Physics (2 volumes)(1912 and 1914)

The three Subject Indexes contain English language subject headings based on the Schedules of the *International Catalogue of Scientific Literature.* The 19th Century Masterfile edition of Catalogue of Scientific Papers will include expanded journal titles, unlike the abbreviated titles in the print volumes.

Paratext is currently processing the 19 author/title volumes. As these volumes work their way through quality control and verification over the next few months, they will be added to the 19th Century Masterfile database.

We are very excited about the inclusion of this important resource for students of the history of science, technology, medicine and the history of ideas. Current and prior editions of the *Guide to Reference Books* have labeled CSP a "monumental index of first importance."

We anticipate a great deal of scholarly interest in the file and will, of course, keep you apprised of new developments. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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