Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Product Announcement--->Evidence-based complementary medicine

Evidence-based complementary medicine

Research shows that many patients use herbs and supplements, but do not tell their healthcare providers. Furthermore, many patients do not trust conventional practitioners to be adequately informed about these therapies. This database is specifically designed to help healthcare providers overcome these challenges.

This scientifically accurate, comprehensive material is extensively referenced and regularly updated. It currently cites more than 12,000 published primary sources, many of them translated from foreign languages, and analyzed and integrated by healthcare professionals with extensive experience in the alternative medicine field.

This database:

* Covers over 75 medical conditions and more than 160 herbs and supplements
* Identifies potential interactions between herbal therapies and drugs
* Guides healthcare providers to ask appropriate questions to learn about their patients' usage of natural therapies
* Equips providers to knowledgeably answer patients' questions about the use of natural therapies
* Provides a summary of clinical research and rates the strength of evidence behind specific natural therapies
* Provides detailed and practical information on dosage and safety issues

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