Wednesday, July 27, 2005

OVID HealthStar changes

(I'm not sure if we use the jumpstart syntax, but included the information just in case)

We are pleased to announce that Ovid HealthSTAR will be reloaded this week.

The reload includes journal records but no longer includes the small percentage of the database represented by non-journal records. It employs the current 2005 version of MeSH® and reflects other current MEDLINE® enhancements made by NLM®.

For example, HealthSTAR will now include the extensive and recently updated Clinical Queries feature to allow users to restrict search retrievals to clinically relevant studies. Also added are the PubMed subject limits as well as many new search fields. For additional details about new and deleted fields please see the Reload News.

As before the reloaded version is a source for citations to journal articles that are retrieved using the NLM HealthSTAR search strategy. It will support the old JumpStart syntax but coverage dates will change as shown below:

· hstr=HealthSTAR/Ovid Healthstar <1975 to May 2005> will become <1966 to June 2005>

· hstf=HealthSTAR/Ovid Healthstar <1987 to May 2005> will become <1999 to June 2005>

· hstb=HealthSTAR <1975 to 1986> will become <1966 to 1998>

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