Friday, March 03, 2006

New Product Announcement--> Alexander Street Products

Because of our agreement through the Canadian Research Knowledge Network we have acquired a wide range of new Alexander Street collections in the areas of drama and film, history, literature, and popular culture.


American film scripts online
One thousand film scripts are indexed and organized to allow searching by scene, by character, by director, and more. Most have never been published in any format, and about half appear as facsimile images. With more than 100,000 scenes of life as portrayed in the movies, this resource is of interest to researchers in sociology, psychology, popular culture, writing, film studies, and history.

Asian American drama
With 250 plays, this is a landmark collection in a rapidly developing genre. It documents the Asian American experience as dramatized in works by writers from the 18th century to the present, together with biographies, a performance database, production details, and associated visual resources, including photos, playbills, and manuscript images.

North American women's drama
This major new initiative delivers 1,500 plays by women from the United States and Canada, including the complete works of leading playwrights along with those of lesser-known but important writers. Many of the plays are rare, hard to find, or out of print. Relevant for the study of literature, women's studies, and the history of feminism.

Black drama
The project brings together 1,200 plays, almost a quarter of which are previously unpublished. Nowhere else will researchers see these works! They have been carefully selected by well-known experts such as James V. Hatch, a board of scholars, and the writers themselves. The collection includes the complete works of more than 300 playwrights from North America, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and other locations. Starting with Victorian plays and working up to the present, this indispensable collection presents the writings together with biographies, playbills, images, production notes, performance information, and much more.

North American theatre online
North American Theatre Online will be the largest, most comprehensive reference work in North American drama. It will provide detailed bibliographic information on more than 10,000 plays – including references to works that have never been published. It will contain thousands of facts about theaters, authors, theatrical companies, and individuals, as well as some 1,000 playbills, posters, photographs, and related theatrical ephemera.

Twentieth century North American drama
From Maxwell Anderson to Marsha Norman, the complete works of major North American playwrights. Alongside the works of the most successful writers of the century are the lesser-known but important works of African Americans, Asian Americans, gay and lesbian writers, and others. Hundreds of unpublished plays, production information, playbills, and theatre details round out the collection.


North American Indian biographical database
The North American Indian Biographical Database contains more than 100,000 pages of personal stories, many of which are previously unpublished, rare, or hard to find. The collection presents the entire spectrum of Indian and Canadian First People experiences from their own point of view. Firsthand accounts reveal how Indians lived, thought, and fought to protect their interests; how the tribes interacted with each other and the white invaders; and how they reacted to the constantly changing and challenging situations they faced. These rare and informative biographies are supported with historical materials that provide context for the personal stories. Also included is a detailed timeline of Indian events, cross-referenced by region and tribe, to further aid in contextual placement.

Oral history online
This landmark project makes English-language oral histories easily accessible for the first time, giving voice to typically unheard people from all walks of life from around the world. The database provides detailed indexing of oral history collections, repositories, and narratives, along with links to full text, audio, and video where available. Updated quarterly. Includes the Oral History Top 100 popularity rankings.

Women and social movements in the United States 1600-2000
Under the editorial direction of Thomas Dublin and Kathryn Sklar (Department of History, SUNY Binghamton, and the Center for the Historical Study of Women and Gender), this project includes tens of thousands of primary documents, document projects with introductory essays that interpret the documents, a definitive bibliography, related web links, a Dictionary of Social Movements, and an enormous collection of images. The project will continue to grow each year


Latino literature
Discover more than 200 novels, many hundreds of short stories, 20,000 pages of poetry, and more than 400 plays. The majority of the works are in English, with selected works of particular importance in Spanish. The collection begins with the works of Chicano writers in the Southwest in the early 19th century and follows through to include contemporary works. Scholars in social history, literature, and Latino studies will find value in Latino Literature.


Black thought and culture
More than 100,000 pages of monographs, speeches, essays articles, and interviews written by leaders within the black community from earliest times to 1975, illustrate the evolution of what it means to "be black." Includes the only full run of The Black Panther - the party's newspaper - and 2,500 pages of oral history interviews recorded by the former Black Panther, David Hilliard. Teachers, artists, politicians, religious leaders, athletes, veterans, entertainers, and others are represented. Find influences, read history in their words, discover a wealth of fugitive material

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