Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Product Announcement-->e-Library/Conference Board of Canada

e-Library / Conference Board of Canada

We don't get all the titles that show up when you search e-library. No doubt this will cause the users some confusion. Sigh....

UPDATE: YAY, good news, Linda checked and we do have access to the Industrial Outlooks!!

While it cause me some amount of pain to pay the amount we do for this product. I have to say I know there will be general rejoicing at its arrival. The Conference Board publishes on Economic Trends, Organizational Performance, and Public Policy, all with a Canadian focus.

You can find out more about the CBofC at

The subscription includes

Research reports, Special reports and Viewpoints.
Approximately 30 reports are produced annually to provide customers with new insights into key areas of economic, management and public policy. We also team with other organizations to produce special reports on a variety of subjects. Viewpoints are reports that allow our research staff to offer opposing views on a specific topic. Formats include Member’s Briefing, Full Report and Detailed Findings.

As part of our core research, we produce periodicals on a monthly, quarterly, yearly and biennial basis. Formats include Newsletter, Executive Summary and Full Report.

Executive presentations
Our Research Associates present their findings at conferences, seminars and meetings. These presentations are made available on the e-Library.

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