Sunday, May 14, 2006

Upgrade to RAMBI (index to Jewish Periodicals)

The Jewish National and University Library (JNUL) is pleased to announce the upgrading of its Index to Articles on Jewish Studies (Hebrew acronym RAMBI) to Aleph-500 version 16 software.

With this upgrade, the RAMBI staff will be updating the online database on a daily basis (as opposed to weekly, until now)

This upgrade also includes the addition of a full Hebrew language searching interface.

If you have been using our recommended address:
this address will now lead you directly to the new version.

If you prefer to link directly to the Hebrew interface, use:

All other addresses will be phased out in the coming days.

RAMBI currently contains almost 250,000 records. Over 8300 of these have links to fulltext versions of the articles. To bring them to the top of a results list click on the heading 'Text'. Access to the fulltext articles themselves may depend on local subscriptions.

Users who have been accessing RAMBI via z39.50 protocol (for example, users of Endnote) should note the host name, IP and port number changes at:

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