Saturday, November 18, 2006

International Monetary Fund newsletter

Dear IMF Customer

How do you find the information you need from the International Monetary Fund? Each year, the IMF publishes a wide array of topical and timely content in its books, statistical sets, periodicals, and papers...but it’s up to you to find it. Now we can help you stay up to date on new IMF content.

The IMF is pleased to announce the introduction of its "New & Noteworthy Titles" newsletter, a digest of new publications from the IMF. Each quarter, we will feature important new titles and alert you to updates on regular publications, making it easier to get to the right content. Some of the highlights you’ll find in this issue are:

China and India: Learning From Each Other – This must-read new book draws together analysis and insight from high-level policymakers and advisors in both countries, and shows how, for many years, the two countries have cooperated and learned from each other.

India Goes Global: Its Expanding Role in the World Economy – Is India entering into a “Golden Age” or experiencing a period of rapid but ultimately unsustainable growth? The studies in this book examine in detail what lies behind India’s recent economic rise and considers the steps needed to build on this success over the medium term.

Working Together: Improving Regulatory Cooperation and Information Exchange – Globalization requires enhanced information flows among financial regulators. This book brings together conference papers on information exchange for effective anti-money-laundering/combating the financing of terrorism, standards for cooperation in the insurance sector, and the experiences of regulators from banking, securities, and unified regulatory agencies.

Growth in the Central and Eastern European Countries of the European Union – Focusing on the region’s growth performance, and outlining two growth scenarios that illustrate the range of investment and productivity growth rates, this book draws on extensive resources to identify strengths and weaknesses of these developing economies.

You'll also find the latest updates to the World Economic Outlook, the Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions, and new works from the IMF-Palgrave book series, such as Bank Restructuring and Resolution and Financial Dollarization. We invite you to browse and purchase our latest titles here.

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