Monday, November 20, 2006

New Product Announcement-->QP Source Professional

We now have access to this long-awaited legal product. The link is Access is via username and password, through an authentication page (hopefully, IP access will be available in the future). Three simultaneous users.

From the QP Source fact sheet:

"QP Source Professional gives you immediate access to the following resources:
• Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000
• Alberta Statutes, consolidated (and unproclaimed)
• Alberta Regulations
• Tables of Private and Public Statutes
• Index of Regulations
• Alberta Gazette (Part I & II) updated twice per month
• Registrar’s Periodical updated twice per month
• Annual Volume 1996 - Present • Spring and Fall Sitting legislation
• Orders-in-Council 1967 - Present
• Alberta Rules of Court and Practice Notes
• Court Calendar
• Annotated FOIP
• FOIP Guidelines & Practices Manual
• Alberta Securities Rules and Forms
• Occupational Health and Safety Code
• Occupational Health and Safety Code Explanation Guide
• Environmental Codes of Practice (with link to Codes of Practice Management Area maps)
• Specified Penalty Listing
• links to Government Telephone Directory, Bills and Amendments, Alberta Hansard, Court Judgments as well as Orders-in-Council
• Links to Legislation Related external sites.
• comprehensive on-line HELP notes and glossary
• RSS links"

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