Friday, February 23, 2007

New Access to Choice Reviews

There is a new version of Choice available which includes a campus wide site

Check out the "Important Information" below for basic info & instructions for this version.

For those who don't have accounts, you can now register & then followup by creating "my profile". (Register just below the member login on the righthand side of the screeen)

For those of you who did have accounts you should have received an email about the new access, however there was a problem which they cleared up today.

In case you didn't get an email here is the list of our previous users (note you must go in to your profile to activate it on this new version).

A few people have had their user name (your last name) modified due to duplication on the Choice system ( in this case a number has been added eg. White2). Once you login you can go make adjustments to your profile and change it (if you don't have your password contact me).
Cloutier, Claudette
Hayden1, Alix
Hemmings, Mary
Hunter1, Maureen
Lipton, Saundra
Murrell, Cindy
Pahulje, Dani
Robertson, Helen
Rutherford, Shauna
Vaska, Rosvita
Waller, Andrew
Warren1, Darlene
White2, Peggy

February 2007 Issue of

The new version of Choice Reviews Online is now available at!

During this transition phase, the original remains available and fully operational at You can see the new February reviews that match your profile by clicking on "My Current Issue."

Important Information for Accessing the New Choice Reviews Online

Most users will be able to access the new site with their current username (last name) and password, but a few usernames have been modified. If you are unable to log on, click on the "Forgot Your Password" link on and enter your e-mail address; you will promptly receive an e-mail with your new username.

New reviews that match your profile appear in the My Monthly Reviews section.
To see new reviews, you must activate this section by going to My Profile and clicking on the Update My Profile button at the bottom of the page. We encourage you to take this opportunity to review and update the information contained in your profile.

Your Profile and Lists were transferred to the new site in late December; any changes you made to your Profile or Lists after December 21 will not be reflected on the new site. You may encounter a few discrepancies with this transfer of data, so please carefully check the My Lists and My Profile sections in the new CRO for accuracy. Your Profile and Lists remain on the original CRO site as well.

We urge you to review the many new options available in the My Profile section. By clicking on My Profile, you may change your username and password. You can also change your Profile as frequently as you like and immediately view titles that match the revised Profile. You can change the publication date at the top of My Monthly Reviews to see reviews matching your profile for any previous issue.

To get the most out of the new Choice Reviews Online, please read the "Top Tips for Using the New Choice Reviews Online," which you will find prominently displayed on the home page. This new version contains many new features and expanded content, including bibliographic essays, forthcoming titles lists, and all special editorial features; Web exclusives; and enhanced functionality such as saved searches.

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