Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Product Announcement-->Garden Landscape and Horticulture Index

Garden, landscape & horticulture index

Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index is the premier resource for access to articles about gardens and plants. Topics include horticulture, botany, garden and landscape design & history, ecology, plant and garden conservation, garden management, and
horticultural therapy. A highlight of the database is its focus on environmentally sustainable horticultural and design practices.

This index and abstract product is designed for gardening enthusiasts,professionals, and students of horticulture and of garden and landscape design & history.

Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index covers a wide range of serial titles including general gardening titles of national, international, and regional interest, and titles devoted to specialty gardens and plant groups.

Indexed and abstracted are more than 300 core titles, the majority of which are published in English.

Coverage for many titles extends back further than a decade. Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index is a unique resource that brings together articles about plants and gardens into a single source, and it includes titles that are not available in any other index.

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