Monday, January 07, 2008

Gale Virtual Reference Interface Changes

By the end of December, all GVRL customers will be on the newest version of the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Search within results:
- you can now run any search and then further refine their results by adding another search term in the left-hand sidebar.
- Enhanced sidebar functionality with the ability to narrow results by document type and publication.
- Enhanced document display with "Tools" that help a user identify what he/she can do with a document: print, email, download, cite, translate.
- Accurate MLA and APA citations, with full formatting -- including proper indentations, spacing, etc.
- Number of documents on the tab name, to help the user identify the number of articles available to them on each tab.
- Persistent "search within this publication" on an enhanced "About this Publication" display.
- Results always sorted by relevance, even on Advanced Searches.
- Colorful banner and results display, to make the database more user-friendly.

To view a PowerPoint that highlights the changes, click the following link:,wk31,2ad6,i822,4i5c,j9k2,hcj7

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