Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Trial-->Access World News and discussion of reason for trial

Please check out the new trial "Access World News" and leave comments on the blog.

login: uofctrials
password: uofctrials06

Helen Clarke wrote: Our trial on this product is part of our search for a replacement for Factiva as our key source of current events/news sources, we will also be testing Academic Universe (now with Globe and Mail).

So take a look and leave any comments. Also if you have faculty that you think are interested in this type of product and/or use Factiva, let them know about the trial.

Justine Wheeler wrote: Hi Helen,

We use Factiva quite heavily in the Business Library. Why are looking to replace it?

We want something that can support direct links to the journal/newspaper from the catalogue/A-Z list.

As well, feedback from staff is that Factiva is a truly deeply ugly interface and we'd like something a bit easier for folks to use.

However, Factiva does have significantly more sources than either Academic Universe or WorldNews, the other main options.

Personally, I think we will go with Academic Universe, which has the Globe and Mail and supports direct links, but Access WorldNews is the third main contender and worth a whirl.


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