Thursday, December 15, 2005

Polling the Nation Upgrades

We are pleased to announce that after extensive design and development, Polling the Nations has a new interface ready for use. It offers a wide array of new features, virtually all recommended by subscribers. These include:

Drop down lists for topics, sources, and universe—select a topic, or polling organization, or country from the lists.

Search history—recall all parameters of a previous search with only a single click.

Search by date range —search for results within a specified range of dates.

Find all questions from a particular survey— a button,‘View All Questions in This Poll’ enables users to display all the questions in a survey with a one click.

Mark questions—select one or more questions to be loaded into an Export Cart.

Download/print/e-mail batches of questions—select any of these options for questions loaded in the Export Cart.

Choose a search template with or without drop down lists.

Choose to go from the search template to a hit list or directly to the questions.

The underlying database of survey data from 1986 to the present remains unchanged. One difference, it will now be updated more often.

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