Thursday, December 15, 2005

Upgrades to Sociological Abstracts

Dear Colleague,

Earlier this year we announced that, as part of its long-standing commitment to improve quality and depth of content, the CSA Sociological Abstracts database would be enhanced with several new features during 2005. We are proud to inform you that we have delivered as promised: the following features are now available as part of a subscription to CSA Sociological Abstracts on CSA Illumina.

* The 1952-1962 CSA Sociological Abstracts backfile records, previously available only in print have been added to the database, offering subscribers electronic access to some of the early literature of sociology. Records originally printed in 1979 in Social Planning/Policy and Development Abstracts have also been digitized and added to CSA Social Services Abstracts. This combined load has added 15,946 records to CSA Sociological Abstracts and CSA Social Services Abstracts. These records have been indexed with terminology from the Thesaurus of Sociological Indexing Terms.

* Abstracts have been added to 1963-1972 records in the CSA Sociological Abstracts backfile, increasing access to this literature.

* 2,000,000 Cited References have been added to the CSA Social Science Databases. Included with Core Journal articles in CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts since 2001 and in CSA Sociological Abstracts since 2002, the feature has been extended to all journal articles included in CSA Sociological Abstracts, CSA Social Services Abstracts, and CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts as of 2004.

* Over 100,000 "Scholar Profiles" from the new Scholar Universe: Social Science service are being provided complimentary to all customers of CSA social science databases delivered through the CSA Illumina platform.

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