Monday, January 23, 2006

Factiva records in catalogue

BibServices has loaded the individual title records for Factiva into the catalogue from Serials Solutions. You can see them by searching under "Factiva" in the catalogue.

Factiva lists 4900 sources, of these Serials Solutions was able to provide 2163 records. However, a quick check of the sources without records didn't reveal any really problematic gaps--ie the Wall Street Journal and the Globe and Mail have records.

One problem with Factiva is that it won't provide a link that will take the user directly to the journal. So even if you link from the catalogue you will only get as far as the Factiva start page. But we decided it was better to have the links with this problem then to not have any links.

Yes we know that Canadian Periodical Index still shows as having current holdings for G&M even though it doesn't. This is something we keep trying to get followup for, but BibServices hasn't had any luck getting the issue resolved to date. We'll keep trying.

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