Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Preview upgrade to CSA Illumina

If you want to try this out let me know and I'll send along the login and password.

An advance preview of forthcoming upgrades to the CSA Illumina platform is currently available. Simply login to the site preview.csa.com using your current username and password.

Upgrades that will be implemented in February include:

Improved organization of search results
Search results now have an initial selection of tabs for "Published Works," "Scholars," and "Web Sites" with additional selections available under "Published Works."

Improved author profile presentation
Scholar profiles can be filtered using the academic Community Tree to find scholars working in specific fields.

If you have technical questions about these upgrades, please contact support@csa.com.

In addition, upon implementation of this upgrade, the full version of Community of Scholars will be available. This authoritative resource provides unique keyword access to researchers working in specific areas. The database features more than one million verified scholar and institution profiles to help you find scholars working in relevant areas of study.

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