Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Link added for netLibrary collection

Susan Beatty pointed out that the main entry for netLibrary in the catalogue did not have a link.

Thanks to BibServices for adding this link which makes it possible to search our entire suite of netLibrary titles simultaneously.

Note this collection contains access to many titles purchase by other COPPUL libraries under our consortial agreement. I've attached a file of titles and UofC use for the phase2 collection to give you an idea of how large our netLibrary collection is becoming under this arrangement.

Again with the marc, this is something we hope to see move ahead. We are discussing moving away from a one record policy with netLibrary--where the url would be added to any existing print record, and simply loading records directly. This will mean duplication of entries in the catalogue, but it will also mean we will be able to get the records into the system.

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