Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Product Announcement-->Faculty of 1000 Medicine

Faculty of 1000 medicine

Its distinguished faculty of over 2400 of the world's top clinicians and researchers select, rate and evaluate the most important and influential articles, presenting a continuously updated, authoritative guide to the medical literature that matters...

* Time-saving: enables you to stay on top of the vast amount of medical literature quickly and easily.
* Informative: provides access to the opinions from leaders in medicine.
* Clinically applicable: offers perspectives on how articles affect, or even change clinical practice, as judged by respected leaders in the field.
* Cross-indexed coverage: you will be alerted to the articles that matter in adjacent fields that you might otherwise miss.
* Personal customization: email alerts and stored searches ensure you receive updated content regularly in your areas of interest.
* Cross-disciplinary: multiple evaluations of single articles provide varying perspectives across disciplines.
* Article Ranking: the F1000 Factor rates articles based on their individual merit rather than the journal in which they appear 'to further' focus your reading and provide a complement or alternative metric to the impact factor.

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