Thursday, May 01, 2008

Upgrade to Encyclopedia of Islam

We are happy to inform you that Brill has begun to upgrade The Encyclopaedia of Islam Online, particularly the data of EI2. The first steps in this process include:

  1. Changes to the search engine, the user interface of which has been improved in several ways. For example, the presentation of the search results has been made significantly more user friendly.
  2. The entries of EI2 had many hyperlinks (all internal cross-references) with a limited added value. These links have now been removed, which makes the texts easier to consult on the screen. Only the original cross-references of the paper version have been retained. Over the next months a selected number of relevant links will be restored.
  3. We are also in the process of changing various orthographical oddities in the entries of EI2, most of which have crept in during digitalization.
  4. In the new format references to the printed edition have been added to all articles of EI2 online.

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