Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Changes to Approval Plan Procedures

The Cambridge Oxford approval plan books have started coming as shelf ready (spine labels, cataloguing etc). This is leading to a slight change in the approval book process.

The shelf ready process involve loading marc records and copy information. Upon receipt and loading of the records, location information will be available. As a result the turn around needs to be quick in order to have books on the shelf at the same time as records are in the system.

The process will be as follows
- The approval books will now be put onto the shelf once a week (Mondays)
- Susan will send a message notifying those with books waiting
- The books will be available for your review for one week.
- The books will be removed the following Monday
- New titles received during the week will go up and Susan will send a new message.
- Any titles not reviewed during the week will be signed off by Collections (myself or Helen). This is usually the case when someone is away etc.

This will apply to all approval plans/books, in the interests of simplicity.

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