Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Product Announcement--->Elsevier Backfiles

As most of you have heard, we have purchased all of the collections that make up the journal backfiles on Elsevier’s ScienceDirect platform.

Some notes on this product:
  • The content includes close to six million articles in just over 1400 journals covering many different disciplines.
  • The backfiles cover all the journal content on ScienceDirect owned by Elsevier and go back as long as articles are available. This can be many years; for example, with the Lancet, issues begin in 1823.
  • Aside from journals which are merely hosted on the ScienceDirect platform (e.g. the American Psychological Association journals), there should be “green flags” indicating access for all the journals on the site.
  • The backfiles have been set up as SFX targets and are in the catalogue, via Serials Solutions.
This purchase is a big deal so we’re going to be promoting it in many different ways. Right now, please announce it to your faculty and student contacts. I will be getting a variety of brochures and other materials that can assist with promotion of the backfiles. More on this later.

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