Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Springer adds backfiles

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Welcome to the Springer Online Journal Archive Update, Springer's e-mail service which will keep you up-to-date to the progress of the new Online Journal Archives and informs you on the latest developments of SpringerLink.

Debut Online Journal Archives

You may have noticed that we've added more journals and more abstracts to SpringerLink recently. These listings are part of our new product involving the digitization of all Springer journals back to Volume 1, Issue 1. The Springer Online Journal Archives will offer users 11 subject area packages in a variety of scientific and non-scientific categories. You will be updated on the progress of each package and we are pleased to announce the completion and launch of the first two packages:

Online Library Package No. Titles No. Volumes 2005 Launch Date
Chemistry & Materials Sciences 76 3,639 May
Physics & Astronomy 70 4,520 May

The availability of all issues will be made more complete as we advance our collection. In January of 2005 over 500,000 historical articles were available through SpringerLink, and each subsequent month during the year, approximately 150,000 new ones will be added. When finished, the Online Journal Archive will have digitized a total of 2 million articles –from the middle of the 19th and 20th centuries. Here is the complete launch schedule of all the Online Library Packages:

Online Library Package No. Titles No. Volumes 2005 Launch Date
Earth & Environmental Sciences 99 4,091 June
Business & Economics 52 1,053 June
Behavioral Sciences 61 1,147 July
Computer Sciences 93 2,876 July
Engineering 99 2,684 August
Humanities, Sociel Sciences & Law 117 2,613 September
Mathematics 103 5,616 September
Biomedical & Life Sciences 176 10,774 October
Medicine 137 7,863 October
Full set 803 34,800 October

As articles are digitized, regardless of the Online Library Package, they will automatically become available on SpringerLink on a regular basis. Articles from some Online Library Packages will be available sooner than others. However, we have established the launch dates as a mechanism to announce when approximately 90% of the articles within that Online Library Package will be available. We estimate by the end of October 2005, 99% of the total collection will be complete.

SpringerLink Developments

Most journals now offer two entries on their homepage –one for current and contemporary pieces published from 1997 to 2005, and one for the backfiles, or articles printed prior to 1996 and indicated as a Historical Archive. However this will be changed in early May. Each journal will then have one home page, from which users can choose Current, Contemporary or Online Archive Articles. Journal pages are scheduled to be redesigned later this year providing more information and allowing more intuitive navigation through the complete content of each journal.

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