Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Changes to Hein On Line

Note from Hein Online, references to two new books (I confess I didn't know that Hein Online carried historic monographs, this is worth checking out for supporting social and political history)

The two new books were
Bibliography of the English Colonial Treaties with the American Indians including a Synopsis of each Treaty
Treaties Defeated by the Senate

Dear HeinOnline subscribers,

Listed below you will find the latest release (nearly 82,000 pages) of new content that has just been added to HeinOnline.

The free Cataloging Aid has been updated to reflect the new titles.

In addition, this release includes something new to HeinOnline. For the first time, we have included links to several "electronic-only" journals. Within HeinOnline, we have indexed the article title and article author. When conducting a search by author or title within the Law Journal Library, you may receive a result for an author or an article that is part of one of the electronic journals. We have included links to the journal's website for your convenience.

Here is a sample search that displays the "e-only" journal links:

Go to the HeinOnline search screen within the Law Journal Library
and enter the name "Donohue" in the author search field. You will get results for all instances in which "Donohue" is the author, including four results that appear in Duke Law & Technology Review. You'll notice that these four results are in a darker blue color to distinguish them as being content that is external to the content in HeinOnline.

Here is a sample search result:

Askanazi, Jennifer; Caplan, Glen; Descoteau, Dianne; Donohue, Kelly; Glasser, Darin; Graham, Justin Fate of Napster: Digital Downloading Faces an Uphill Battle, The
1. 2001 Duke L. & Tech. Rev. 0013
Content external to HeinOnline

The following "electronic-only" journals have now been indexed in

Duke Law & Technology Review
Santa Clara Journal of International Law
Federal Courts Law Review

Back to the latest release, the following new journals are available:

Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy Vols. 1977-29 (1977-2004)

Canadian Law Libraries Vols. 1970-14 (1970-1989)

Connecticut Insurance Law Journal Vols. 1-10 (1995-2004)

Duke Law & Technology Review (electronic Journal) 2001-2005

Federal Courts Law Review (electronic Journal) 1998-2005

Federal Law Review Vols. 22-32 (1993-2004)

Health Lawyer (ABA) Vols. 1-15 (1982-2003)

Indigenous Law Journal at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law Vols. 1-3 (2002-2004)

Juvenile and Family Court Journal Vols. 38-54 (1987-2003)

Law School Bulletin Vols. 1-11 (1929-1946)

Litigation (ABA)Vols. 1-4 (1975-1978)

QLR Vols. 1-22 (1980-2003)

Santa Clara Journal of International Law (electronic Journal)Vols. 1-3 (2003-2005)

Urban Lawyer (ABA) Vols. 1-36 (1969-2004)

Two new monographs have also been added to the Treaties and Agreements Library

Bibliography of the English Colonial Treaties with the American Indians including a Synopsis of each Treaty
Author: DePuy, Henry F. Originally Published: Lenox Club; 1917

This work identifies and lists a brief synopsis of the many treaties entered into between the American Indians and the English colonies. The treaties contained within this work are original sources of information of some of the most important events connected with the settlement of the United States and its land titles.

Treaties Defeated by the Senate
Author: Holt, W. Stull
Originally Published: Baltimore; Johns Hopkins Press; 1933

Beginning with an examination of the Constitutional origin of the conflict between the President and the Senate regarding foreign relations, Holt goes on to discuss the legal and political aspects of U.S. treaty making from 1789 through the Versailles Treaty in 1919.

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