Thursday, May 05, 2005

New Issue of "Resource Sharing & Information Networks" focuses on Library collaboration with other units on campus


Introduction: Cooperation Within Institutions
William Miller

The Embedded Librarian: Strategic Campus Collaborations
Barbara I. Dewey

Reflections on Collaborative Teaching of Science Information Literacy and Science Writing Plans, Processes and Pratfalls
Debbie Huerta, Victoria McMillan

Teaching Centers, Libraries, and Benefits to Both
Joni E. Warner, Nancy H. Seamans

A Blueprint for Progress: Collaborating with Faculty to Integrate Information Literacy into the Curriculum at Purdue University
Alexius Smith Macklin, Michael Fosmire

Collaboration in Collection Management: A Convergence of Education and Practice
Margaret Beecher Maurer, Don A. Wicks

Reeling 'Em in: How to Draw Teaching Faculty into Collaborative Relationships
Melissa Moore

Formal and Informal Structures for Collaboration on a Campus-Wide Information Literacy Program
Jordana M.Y. Shane

A Campus-Wide Role for an Information Literacy Committee
Trudi E. Jacobson, Carol Anne Germain

Talking Toward Techno-Pedagogy: IT and Librarian Collaboration-Rethinking Our Roles
Juliet Habjan Boisselle, Susan Fliss, Lori S. Mestre, Fred Zinn

Collaborating to Create the Right Space for the Right Time
Jill McKinstry

New Library Facilities: Opportunities for Collaboration
Joan Lippincott

Digital Preservation of These and Dissertations Through Collaboration
Gail McMillan

Cooperative Dimensions of a Digitization Project
Andrew Adarykov

Using the Assessment Cycle as a Tool for Collaboration
Christie Flynn, Debra Gilchrist, Lynn A. Olson

Sharing Technology for a Joint-Use Library
Richard F. Woods

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