Friday, May 20, 2005

New Product Announcement-->United Nations common database

United Nations common database

An important addition to our collection for anyone studying regional and international development or economics.

It contains more than eight million data elements in more than 300 statistical series. In most cases time series are available from 1970 or 1980 and many series are disaggregated to show underlying distributions.

Among the main data sources are the Statistics Division's own databases in merchandise trade, national accounts, demography and population, energy, status of women and industrial commodities production; and statistics from the Population Division, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs' Project Link, FAO, ILO, IMF, ITU, OECD, UNESCO, WHO, WIPO, World Bank and World Tourism Organization, among others.

The UNCDB is unique among large Web databases in providing for each series comprehensive footnotes and meta-information on sources and definitions. Because a true relational database underlies the Web interface, new data and meta-information are available to users as soon as they are entered.

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